Discover these 6 reasons why music distracts you instead of helping you focus on your studies.

6 Reasons Music Distracts You Instead of Helping You Focus on Studies

Figuring out what helps you stay at the peak of your academic performance is essential. It is effective to develop a routine to make the most of your study session. Many students say studying with music in the background helps them to improve their productivity. However, not everyone can relate to this experience and some report the opposite effect.

There are many reasons why music is not working in your favor. It doesn’t mean you need to avoid listening to music during your study sessions. Studies show that music is the perfect remedy for boredom when chosen correctly.

Yet, you need to figure out the cause of your issues. Problems with concentration can stem from your upcoming exams and the number of assignments you need to complete by then. Delegating some of your homework to professional paper writers can significantly reduce the pressure and redirect your attention to top-priority tasks. Once you get a helping hand, you can plan your study routine.

Consider the assignment type

It may come as a surprise, but the assignment type is a significant factor to consider when choosing to listen to music while studying. You might think reading and writing are the same types of activity. In reality, each demands a different approach.

Music affects your reading comprehension, regardless of the genre and speed of the music. When reading, you need to stay engaged with the information you perceive to understand, store, and memorize it. You should find a quiet and comfortable place to immerse yourself in the materials. Otherwise, you will be stuck in the endless loop of going back to the first page of your book.

On the contrary, writing can be easier with music in the background. It provides you with a perfect mood and creativity boost to get going with your essay. The professionals from the best research paper writing services can confirm that writing is much easier with the right playlist. Therefore, writing is more of a creative activity that needs your attention but requires less concentration.

You choose songs with lyrics

The first mistake you make when creating playlists is picking songs with lyrics. Rap or pop songs are perfect for boosting your mood and helping you with your daily chores. However, they distract you from reading or writing your essay. When you select songs with lyrics, your brain struggles to perform two tasks: decoding the song and the materials you read. 

It also has a counterproductive effect because you associate this genre of music with relaxation or other activities. There are plenty of genres perfect for workouts, doing your daily chores, or going for a walk. They allow you to concentrate on less cognition-intense activities and keep your mood positive.

The best music for studying is instrumental. You are free to choose the genre that works best for you. It can be anything from movie soundtracks and ambient to classical music.

Music Distracts you

The music is too loud

Students who love blasting their speakers will be surprised to learn that loud music is not helpful for study sessions. Of course, it is a subjective preference, but many studies show that loud music is harmful to your productivity. It creates sensory overload and distracts you from focusing on the task. Not to mention hearing damage if you are using headphones.

Try to settle for a medium volume when you turn on your playlist. It is the optimal volume to keep you focused and avoid irritating you. Ensure that your headphones or speakers are of good quality, too. The low-quality noises can affect your brain and overwhelm it.

Experimental genres are the worst to study with

All genres are equally good, there is no doubt about this statement. However, experimental music is far from the best selection for your studies. Music that lacks rhythm or changes quickly redirects your brain's focus on decoding it and trying to predict its structure. Even if you are familiar with a band and their discography, you are still hanging in the process of listening to it.

Opt for classic, melodic, and calm compositions that help you stay present in the moment. It will help ground you and improve your cognitive abilities.

You choose your all-time favorite songs

The other side of the coin is songs you are too familiar with. Never include the songs you love in your study playlists because they are connected to intense emotions, even if positive ones. You need to avoid overstimulation to stay sharp and concentrated on your assignment. That’s why specialists don’t recommend using familiar and loved songs in study playlists.

You can play your favorite songs while at the gym and other activities to recharge your energy. It is better to listen to your favorite songs in between study breaks to restore your mood and productivity. Otherwise, you are listening to music rather than focusing on the task.

What is the best type of music to study with?

Everything depends on your personality and favorite genres. For some students, loud volume or lyrics are not interfering with their focus. Others can’t study with music at all. However, we can recommend some Spotify and Apple Music playlists that have proven to work for many students:

  • Instrumental Study (Spotify);
  • Jazz in the Background (Spotify);
  • Intense Studying (Spotify);
  • Totally Stress Free (Spotify);
  • Concentrate and Study (Spotify);
  • Beats to Think (Spotify);
  • Perfect Concentration (Spotify);
  • Cosy Lo-Fi Beats (Spotify);
  • BEATstrumentals (Apple Music);
  • Study Beats (Apple Music);
  • Pure Focus (Apple Music);
  • Lo-Fi Japan (Apple Music);
  • Study Music for Exams (Apple Music);

The bottom line

Even though sometimes music can be distracting, it doesn’t mean you should avoid it while studying. Without a doubt, listening to music can significantly contribute to your study success. It relieves stress and anxiety, boosts your creativity, and improves your mood. If you pick the right song, put the medium volume, and avoid listening to the band you love, you can optimize your study sessions for the best.