Discover why Temu doesn't allow drop shipping on its platform.

Temu Doesn’t Allow Drop Shipping on Its Platforms—This is Why

On its official website, Temu has specified to its customers that they do not allow drop shipping of any goods and products and any offenders who break this policy will be penalized and banned.

Temu is the newest contender in the online shopping space, and has been the talk of avid shoppers for its great deals on quality goods. The platform gained traction among consumers, but its low prices has also attracted dropshippers to resell products from its site. The e-commerce site has issued a warning against users that practice drop shipping.

Temu only sells products on its own platforms, such as the official Temu website as well as its iOS and Android mobile apps. Customers and buyers should exercise caution in regards to purchasing products outside of Temu’s official channels, as these will not be covered by their after-sale services or product issues.

Is Drop Shipping Allowed on Temu?

Drop shipping is a retail shipping method wherein businesses and brands buy the products that they’re selling from a third party—such as the manufacturer, another retailer or a wholesaler—and have this third party ship the goods directly to the customer. This is very popular among retail sellers as it requires minimal to no startup capital or inventory.

However, it also comes with disadvantages. Many drop shippers are known to deceive their customers about where the products are coming from by not disclosing the country of origin, or using stolen photos that do not accurately represent the actual product.

Another risk of drop shipping is that the product being advertised may not actually be the product that ends up being delivered, if the item is delivered at all. There are minimal to no quality control measures in drop shipping, as these standards differ from one reseller to another.

For this reason, Temu does not allow drop shipping on its platforms. Users are encouraged to transact only on Temu, and to report any seller, manufacturer, or third-party that is taking the transaction outside of the platform.

Temu Ships Directly to Customers

Temu Not Wholesale Platform

Temu is not a wholesale platform. However, the platform offers its customers wholesale prices on retail goods, merging the affordability of wholesale with the quality and convenience of retail shopping.

Temu recently launched its e-commerce website, attracting its customers with irresistibly low prices. The platform does not drop ship as all its products are sold through its own marketplace to ensure quality and legitimacy. Compared to other popular platforms that allow both retail and wholesale purchases, Temu only sells directly to customers - never to resellers.

On its platform, Temu offers a very wide range of products and categories such as men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, home and electronics, pet supplies and more, with thousands of new products being added everyday. There are currently over 250 categories of products in the site, and users can explore unique goods through its tailored product recommendations, search bar, or product highlights right within the Temu homepage.

Temu and AliExpress

Temu Aliexpress

There have been a number of discussions online on whether Temu is just like AliExpress. While the two marketplaces offer a variety of products at discounted prices, AliExpress operates a B2B and a B2C platform, while Temu operates a purely B2C platform to pass wholesale savings to its customers.

In terms of drop shipping, this means that drop shippers may often purchase their products from AliExpress, but this practice is not permissible in Temu as the online shopping platform is meant to sell directly to its consumers, and not through third parties. In doing so, Temu is able to manage the quality of its products, and provide after-sale services to its customers.

High Quality, Low Prices

The products from these categories are sold at very low and affordable prices because of its parent company PDD Holdings, a multinational commerce group. This connection allows Temu to work with manufacturers and vendors to help them sell their products and goods directly to US customers at cheaper prices, all by shipping directly from suppliers rather than establishing a network of warehouses in the United States.

Through its relationship to PDD Holdings, Temu is able to efficiently leverage the PDD supply chain capabilities and expertise and give its consumers great quality products for very low prices all year round. This goal is represented in their company motto of “Team Up, Price Down”, which is also where the company’s name came from.

Despite only being launched last September 2022, Temu is already garnering recognition through their competitive pricing, as well as the year round promotions and discounts, that allows it to stand against other marketplace giants like Amazon and Shein that have been in the e-commerce industry for much longer.

If you want to learn more about Temu’s terms and policies or find great quality products at all time low prices, visit their website at or download their mobile app available on iOS and Android devices today! You can also head on over to Temu's official Youtube page to find your next great purchase!