Check out these 8 Programmable Toys That Are Perfect for the Tech-Savvy Hobbyist.

8 Programmable Toys That Are Perfect for the Tech-Savvy Hobbyist

Are you an enthusiast attempting to combine your love of engineering, coding, and technology together? Your tech-savvy wishes can be perfectly satisfied with programmable toys. You may enjoy learning new skills like coding and problem-solving with programmable toys. Robotic inventions that can carry out a variety of duties can also be made.

These toys’ building and programming phases will undoubtedly challenge tech-savvy enthusiasts, whether they build an autonomous robot or program a toy to recognize your voice. With that said, here are eight programmable toys that will inspire you to learn programming:

RC Helicopters

Remote-controlled helicopters may be programmed to do acrobatics and feats without a human pilot. The helicopter may be programmed to follow predefined routes, utilize sensors to find impediments and evade them as necessary. You may configure your helicopter to fly independently and respond to voice instructions with the aid of a suitable controller.

Because they present particular difficulty, rc helicopters are excellent tools for learning more about robotics and programming. To test out several methods and discover the one that works best for you, you must program your helicopter to fly and respond how you like.


These devices may be made to do simple or complex tasks, such as listening for voice commands or evading obstacles. You may create a self-contained robot that follows a preset path, perceives its environment, and reacts appropriately. Using a user-friendly programming language like Python or JavaScript, you may train your robot to obey commands, recognize objects, and avoid obstacles.

Additionally, you may build robots with sensors that, when turned on, do particular actions. For example, a robot that is programmed to follow a line may be set up to change lanes anytime an obstacle comes into range of its infrared sensors. This presents a terrific chance to learn about robotics and programming since you can design the robot to behave differently depending on the sensor's detection.


Drones are programmable flying robots performing various activities, including aerial photography and cinematography. Using a suitable remote and a radio-controlled flight controller, you may fly and control them. You may set up the drone to do specific things, such as take off, land in predetermined locations, and be operated manually.

Don't forget to register with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) before flying a drone. You can't just take them out for a spin anywhere. Additionally, you may play with sensors like GPS or accelerometers and develop fascinating algorithms that let your drone respond to its surroundings.

Educational Computer Kits

Students may learn the fundamentals of coding and robotics with the help of educational computer kits that integrate hardware and software. Sensors, motors, and other devices with programmable functionality are included in these kits. Robots, drones, automobiles, and other technology may all be designed and programmed.

To learn more about robots and coding, use these computer education packages. You may start right away with the aid of simple-to-follow projects and instructions. Using the right controller, you may create and program devices like robots or other innovations to obey voice instructions.

DIY Construction Sets

DIY building kits are a fantastic method to educate yourself about engineering and robotics. These sets can be used to create and program robots that move according to predetermined patterns or obey orders. Autonomous robots that respond appropriately to impediments in their path can be built using sensors.

Some great DIY building sets are Lego Mindstorms and Arduino kits. You may also use other microcontrollers like Raspberry Pi or PICAXE to construct robots that can do anything from obedience commands to playing music.

Programmable Lighting Kits

Using a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet, programmable lighting systems let you manage the lighting in your house or place of business. The lights might be set up to come on and go out at specific times or to obey voice instructions.

Connecting them to sensors to increase the environment's interactivity is also feasible. Using the right controller, you may set up the lights to respond to voice commands or switch them on and off at certain periods.

Arduino Boards

Beginners in robotics and programming can get started with Arduino boards. With the help of an Arduino board, you may instruct robots and other inventions to move in certain patterns or follow instructions.

With the help of easy-to-follow projects and instructions, you can get started right away. You may design and program objects like robots or other inventions to follow voice commands using a proper controller.

Automated Machines

Learning about robotics and engineering through automated devices is beneficial. These devices are programmable to move in certain patterns or respond to orders. Sensors may be used to build autonomous devices that respond appropriately when encountering roadblocks.

To learn about robotics and engineering, you can use automated devices like 3D printers, hoverboards, and self-driving cars. These tools can design and program intricate systems that carry out various tasks.

Final Thoughts

For tech-savvy people out there, these eight programmable toys and tools should be enough to get you started in robotics and programming. You can use robotics kits, DIY building sets, programmable lighting systems, Arduino boards, and automated devices to create your own robot masterpiece. The future is bright with these tools. It’s only proper that we know how to handle and, in a way, modify them for better applications.