Discover How AI Tools Can Transform Your Business: Boost Content Creation with Jasper, Revolutionize Video Marketing with D-ID, Streamline Photo Editing with HitPaw.

AI Tools Which Can Help Your Business Grow

At the moment, AI is the word on everyone’s lips. While some suspect whether this is a real AI or just an advanced (and responsive) algorithm, there’s no denying that the capabilities of these platforms are off the charts.

Still, are these tools just something you can use to fool around, or do they have a practical application? More importantly, can you use them to grow your business? The answer is a resounding - yes! Here are six tools that could help you out with this.

1. Jasper

Many people are reluctant to use AI-generated content because they fear that Google will sanction it hard. On the other hand, Google claims that they don’t sanction AI content for being written by AI but because it’s recycled content with nothing new to add. Still, there are many uses for AI writing platforms, even outside of

You don’t even have to generate the entirety of the text. You can just use a writing tool to get an outline or even just the headline for an article. It means you can get an outline to use as a basis for your research (your research questions).

It’s also important not to downplay the importance of writer’s block. How does it take a writer to complete a book? It took George R.R. Martin two years to complete the second book in the series, while he’s been writing the sixth boot for over 12 years. The bottom line is that every creative process is unpredictable and has unpredictable outcomes. You can use an AI writing tool to help you overcome this blockade. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand the tone of voice you want to use with your audience. However, when you see a few examples, you’ll have a much easier job developing a sense of tone, voice, and style. This is another thing that these AI platforms are fantastic at - providing examples.

2. D-ID

AI-generated videos can completely revolutionize the video marketing of any enterprise. This is why it’s such a great idea to start using a platform like D-ID or at least one of D-ID competitors.

People prefer watching videos. They watch videos for education, entertainment, and to obtain information. People are more likely to get invested in a video than in any other format, and with the help of AI-generated videos, you can finally produce as much content as you need.

Another important thing to understand is that AI makes your video production scalable. You can teach your staff members to use it (as early as onboarding). The learning curve is not particularly steep and shouldn’t take too long to get there.

It’s not just production that you may need help with but content updates. This is especially important for companies who use this as their quarterly report or prefer to update their audience via this medium. Traditional video production can be a bottleneck in this regard.

With traditional video production, achieving consistent visuals would be more trouble. We’re not suggesting that it would be impossible, only that it would be more expensive and take more effort. With the help of AI video production, this shouldn’t be as much of a problem.

3. HitPaw

Photo editing takes so much time, and many technical tasks can be simply bypassed by using an AI-powered photo editor. Remember that this doesn’t mean editing will be sloppy or impersonal. You can adapt the AI to your style. You can even feed it to some of your previous edits to send a message. This way, you’ll convey exactly what you need.

Post-processing is the key stage for the outcome of your editing efforts, where you must show consistency. With the help of personalized AI with intelligent presets you’ll have a much easier job at achieving this. As we’ve mentioned, the more you use the platform, the more accurate it becomes.

There’s no limitation to what you can use this software for. For instance, you can use it to make your corporate headquarter look better on the site’s landing page (boosting your curb appeal). Naturally, you will use it for the needs of your content but always try to step out of the line and find new applications.

Once you start using AI video editing for work, you won’t be able to stop. You’ll start using it for your personal life, as well. Aside from tidying up your social media posts, you may even decide to get a custom image that you can frame and hang on the wall. This may not be business-related, but it’s an incentive to help you get going.

You should still use traditional photo editing tools; it’s just important to try these AI tools.

4. Fireflies

Your participation in the meeting is more than just your attendance. You must actively listen, take notes, and engage other parties with your ideas. The problem is that multitasking in such scenarios can be difficult.

In the past, you would record the meeting, but then you would have to rewatch/listen to it again to take notes. Now, consider that, on average, an office worker has roughly 70 small meetings per month. How much time would this take?

With the help of a meeting assistant, you could use NLP to eliminate the need for taking notes during the meeting. The format of these notes (that you would ultimately receive) would be quite easy to process and analyze. In other words, you get easy-to-search and review notes and may even turn them into structured data (for data entry).

This is not just restricted to meetings but to calls, as well. Now, regarding this legality, it’s not the same as recording calls. Sure, you can (or even should) notify the other party that you’re taking notes, but is it illegal (or morally dubious) to take notes during the call?

One of the most critical aspects of using this tool is that it can use its speech-to-text feature to make meetings more accessible to those who have trouble hearing.

5. Speechify

Speech into text is just one part o the solution. What about text-into-speech? If you’re on YouTube, you must have heard what modern AI voice generation is capable of. You’ve probably heard former US presidents playing DnD or more; however, is there a use of this feature for commercial services? Of course, there is!

As mentioned in the previous section, this tool can also help you achieve a much higher level of inclusivity. Blind employees will appreciate this gesture and be more available to your content. Some of your audience members can’t hear, which is why you can use these platforms to increase the reach of your content.

Remember that this type of content is also more convenient. After all, listening gives you hands-free. So many people listen to podcasts while driving, playing video games, exercising, or doing menial tasks around their homes. This way, you have a simpler and quicker way to produce this type of content. As a result, your web presence will be enhanced, and your reach drastically increased.

Some people just prefer listening to reading. There are many different learning styles, and this is one of the ways to catch a larger portion of your audience. You don’t have to be exclusive about it, either. Instead, you can offer your viewers both options and let them choose. Your audience will know how to appreciate this.


AI-email marketing is the key component for a successful digital marketing campaign. There’s no marketing without email outreach, and with an AI-powered tool, you’ll have a much easier job sending more emails daily and making them all personalized. This way, you’ll get a higher CTR and a greater overall success rate for your campaign.

Apart from the number of emails and personalization, there’s more to outreach than just sending the right email. There are also sending the right email at the right time, and with an AI outreach tool, you can set it up to schedule your emails and send them at the right time and, in a scenario where we’re talking about outreach, with adequate intervals.

You shouldn’t underestimate the amount of time that email content generation takes. The subject line is more important, but the content also matters. It has to be skimmable, straight to the point, and it needs to look like it was written by a human (preferably not just an edited template). Again, it doesn’t have to be all that - it just has to look like it is. When it comes to this, AI is hard to beat.

You must understand that an email is just a first step on your customer’s journey. So, its content needs to be optimized with that in mind. Your CTA needs to be flawless, and you can make it so with the help of AI-powered tools.

AI tools help with automation and improve your overall performance

In the end, it’s important that you fully understand all the advantages that you get from using AI. Also, at the moment, while AI provides significant help, it still needs strong human supervision. Make sure you stick to this principle, and your productivity will skyrocket.