Introducing's (HC) new failure and data loss protection service for Cloud Servers. With a single click, users can activate fully synchronized, mirrored server copies to enhance server stability and data security.

Failover Protected Cloud Servers by HostColor

A new failure and data loss protection service has been introduced by (HC) and added to its Cloud Servers. The users of the company's cloud infrastructure services can improve the stability and data security of their server environments by activating fully synchronized, mirrored server copies with a single click from their accounts.

The Failover service is software-defined. It is available for all Public Cloud Servers and Hosted Private Clouds offered by HostColor. In case of an outage, the failover feature allows all workflows to be seamlessly switched to the standby server environment, ensuring business continuity of the application services. There is no need to reconfigure network services or change other software settings and configurations.

"Failover protection ensures that HC Cloud users will always have a fully operational, duplicate copy of their backup environments." infrastructure. Failure protection ensures that workflows will resume with minimal interruption to technological services," explains the CEO of HostColor.

The infrastructure provider recently expanded its Cloud Server hosting services to 12 major metropolitan areas in the United States: Ashburn, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, New York, Phoenix, and Seattle. All Dallas-based servers feature default failover protection, 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps Internet bandwidth ports, and unrestricted data transfer with no egress fees for Internet traffic.

Public cloud servers are used to host websites and various software applications that serve the public Internet. Hosted Private Cloud infrastructure is used by organizations to host internal workflows. They are completely isolated at the network level and are not accessible over the public Internet. Private cloud environments are accessed through the virtual private network, a secure point-to-point tunnel, custom built for each organization. Users or software applications that connect to private cloud infrastructure environments comply with custom security rules and policies imposed by the infrastructure owner.

HostColor's cloud infrastructure and Failover Protected Cloud Servers are based on the Proxmox VE cloud automation technology platform. All hosted public and private clouds are fully customizable with the customer's preferred Linux distribution or a Microsoft Windows operating system. A wide range of open-source server software applications (also known as control panels) are available, at no additional cost, with specific Linux operating systems.

The provider recently announced updates to its New York dedicated server hosting service portfolio with bare-metal servers featuring AMD Ryzen and AMD EPYC processors, NMVe SSD-based high-speed storage, and 30,000 data transfer quota. GB on a 10-gigabit network connection. operates a platform for provisioning Semi-Managed, Cloud, and Bare-Metal Dedicated Servers from 100 data centers worldwide.