See our review from 10 of the best premium admin templates created with Bootstrap 4.

Top 10: Best Premium Bootstrap 4 admin templates

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. It is an an industry standard, most of its components work right out of the box. Originally, Bootstrap used the famous CSS preprocessor Less  as a way to compile variables (media widths, color choices) into its CSS for release. Now, in the version 4, Bootstrap uses Sass instead, widely known between developer as the more powerful available CSS preprocessor with a broad maintaining developer community.

If you love your future project, use Bootstrap ! Save yourself the hard work of finding the greatest Bootstrap 4 Admin Template and discover items recommended by Our Code World, enjoy our top of 10 from the best Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates.

10. N-Arkalite

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N-Arkalite Premium Boostrap 4 Admin Template

N-Arkalite is a clean, responsive and user-friendly dashboard premium themes for web application development built with Bootstrap version 4 and jQuery. It includes 9 theme color styles, a lot of reusable components, thousands of Icons from Material, Font Awesome and Glyphicons. It can be used and will fit perfectly for web applications such as e-commerce dashboard, monitoring dashboard, business intelligence, CMS, web application backend and CRM. N-Arkalite is ultra-responsive and works perfectly in any devices.

N-Arkalite is ready to use and really easy to customize. It also included SASS files and gruntfile so you can custom the components by yourself easily. It will really helps you and save a lot of times when it comes to custom development.

9. Lokra

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Themeforest Lokra Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Lokra UI Starter kit is a pure material design admin template based on Angular 2, Material 2, Bootstrap 4, using Angular CLI (Webpack) to pack and manage, that means it is ready for mobile, desktop and web, develop multiple platforms at once. You can use this starter kit to create amazing work for your CRM, CMS, ERP, Mobile Hybrid Apps, Desktop Application! All contain beautiful Material design.

8. Milestone

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Milestone Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Milestone is an elegant and creative Bootstrap 4 admin template that comes out of the box with a myriad of layout options and features to help you build your next dashboard. Milestone features a huge set of reusable components, a tonne of plugins, different layouts and is easy to customise to individual needs.

The most known features of Milestone are:

  • Bootstrap 4 – Comes with the latest bootstrap framework
  • Flexbox layouts
  • Clean design
  • Easy customisations
  • Beautifully crafted Admin template
  • Clean and valid HTML/CSS3
  • Built with SASS
  • Fully responsive
  • Different admin layout options including Sidebar template, Offcanvas menu template, Expanding menu template
  • Horizontal menu template
  • Angular and HTML Templates included
  • Straight forward SCSS skin mixin
  • Well documented Offline and Online documentation
  • Material icons
  • Font awesome icons

7. AdminPlus Premium

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AdminPlus Premium Bootstrap 4

AdminPlus Premium bootstrap 4 is an admin template with multiple modern themes (4 included). It includes admin dashboard designs, custom pages and components, integration samples with 3rd party plugins, 6 months of included support (with extras available) and much more. When starting a new project, it’s often more practical to have a blank project boilerplate with nothing but the minimal setup and assets and build from there. The designer of this template went the extra mile and published a few starter project boilerplates, just to get you started as easy as possible, with more on the way.

6. Kernel

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Themeforest Kernel Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Kernel is an advanced, responsive dashboard UI kit built using Bootstrap 4 and jQuery. It includes 3 different layouts, 3 background color styles, more than 100 HTML files in every layout and lots of widgets and custom made reusable components to help you develop your next application. Kernel is 100% ready to use and easy to customize. It runs using Gulp or with any development server, with no configuration required. It also comes with optional Gulp tasks for a faster and improved development experience.

Every html file includes everything you need to start developing your project. We put a lot of effort to build Kernel, and open to your suggestions regarding new views and components. If you have any request, idea or would like to see anything implemented just let us know and we’ll do our best to add it

5. Admire

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Admire Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Admire is a Bootstrap 4 based Multi-specialty Admin Template which is built keeping in mind the businesses of all kind. Its's ability to customize for multi-purpose makes the theme onliest. This ready to modify template comes with more than 70 pages and adopts a wide range of unique features which helps the users to create a next generation theme in order to impress the customers. Some of the features include: Built with Bootstrap 4 70+ HTML pages included Fully responsive HTML5, CSS 3,Bootstrap versions included.

This Admin Template is a great way of quickly getting your next project up and running or use it as a learning resource to see how to implement all these components.

4. Flatkit

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Themefores Flatkit Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Flatkit aims to provide a beauty web ui kit for your next application using a really nice Bootstrap 4 based flat interface. Flatkit uses the Bootstrap 4 CSS framework, besides the demo app of Flatkit uses AngularJS with nesting routers and views. The most alluring type of design in recent years is without a doubt the Flat UI whose Designs is just not pretty to look at but pack in amazing personalities and features which are simple irresistible.

3. Remark

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Themeforest Remark Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin

Remark is a premium admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap 4. There are a huge of powerful components build with scss/less css which makes it easy to modify. It can be easily integrated into your projects, allowing you to create solutions for your future designs quickly. Remark is one of the best admin templates available for its buy in Themeforest. All the components and layouts of this template works for two different styles, classic and material design. It's fully responsive, that means that all the web elements, navigations can be perfectly viewed from your desktop, mobile phone or your tablet.

2. Able Pro

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Themeforest Able Pro Bootstrap 4 premium template

Able Pro is a carefully crafted Bootstrap Admin template with a touch of Material, special for High Performance demand of your next project. It includes an useful CRM dashboard, an email template, a blog template and an interactive timeline. Its documentation will help you in every implementation step of your entire project.

With more than 11 different layout, 4 different dashboards, 200 pages and a lot of components more, Able Pro will be without a doubt between your options if you want to buy an awesome admin template with Bootstrap 4.

1. StartUI

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Themeforest SmartUI Template Bootstrap 4

StartUI is a full featured, premium web application admin dashboard built with Twitter Bootstrap 4, JQuery and CSS (Less). It comes with a lot of ready to use components ideal for building your web application, CMS, CRM, admin panel, eCommerce dashboard, or any other type of application backend. StartUI coded highly responsive for your mobile phone & tablets. It's layout consists of 4 columns and it's compatible with the following browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and Edge.

The template (almost app) is completely modular with many unique features, it will help you build your next awesome product.

If you know another awesome premium admin template based in Bootstrap 4, please share it with the community in the Comment box.

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