Does your sent emails with PHP arrives in the Spam folder of your user ? Check this solution

Zoho mails ends in spam folder with Hotmail and Outlook users (SOLUTION)

If you use Zoho Mail as your transmitter account for send mails with PHP (SwiftMailer,PHPMailer etc ...) you notice that when your receiver account is registered with @outlook or @hotmail your email always gets into the spam folder unless the user check the spam folder by himself.

A quick solution to this inconvenient is to enable the IMAP access from your zoho mail.

Enable IMAP Access

    1. Login to Zoho Mail account
    2. Go to Settings >> Mail >> POP/ IMAP and Email Forwarding
    3. Under IMAP Access, select 'Enable' to enable IMAP Access
    4. Configure the Expunge Settings and the Folder View settings.
    5. If the IMAP Access is Disabled, the email clients will not be able to access your Zoho account via IMAP.

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