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Top 10: Best Premium ReactJS Admin Templates

React JS is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces and offers a lot of advantages in comparison with plain JavaScript. It works pretty great in teams as it strongly enforces the user interface and the workflow patterns, besides it will make your UI code easily readable and maintainable not only for you but your team. If you're working on a new project with React, you may want to apply some of your love and buy a premium template to make it look as a digital supermodel.

Save yourself the hard work of finding the greatest premium ReactJS Admin Template and discover items recommended by Our Code World, enjoy our top of 10 from the best Premium ReactJS Admin Templates.

10. SmartAdmin

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SmartAdmin ReactJS Premium Template

SmartAdmin WebApp is an awesome admin template. Its unique flat design and responsive layout is crafted one of a kind. SmartAdmin includes 7 version variations: Static HTML, AJAX, PHP, AngularJS 4.0, RubyOnRails, ReactJS and ASP.NET versions. Each version comes with its own unique properties and usage. SmartAdmin has a vast collection of assorted reusable UI components integrated with latest jQuery plugins. SmartAdmin Layout API lets you customize your project for almost any device - be it Mobile, Web or WebApp - SmartAdmin has you covered.


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SPIN ReactJS Admin template

SPIN Admin/Dashboard Theme with a minimalist design and innovative Dark UI will let you build an amazing and powerful application with great UI. Perfectly designed for large scale applications, with detailed step by step documentation. It is built based on the latest standards and recommendations. It is powered by Bootstrap framework 3+, which is currently one of the most popular framework in the world.

SPIN Admin/Dashboard Theme has 5 versions. Descriptions of each can be found below:

  • HTML/CSS/JS - it is great for programming languages such as PHP, Ruby and others. Gulp Version.
  • ReactJS - Provides a set of flexible React Components which will add great functionality for your App. Many examples included.
  • Starter Dev. - this is a clean Starter version of Spin Dashboard. This base project can be quickly attached to any web application based on HTML/CSS/JS, or to start a new project. Suits well for technologies such as PHP / Java EE / Ruby on Rails / Django / ASP.NET / Meteor etc.
  • Photoshop Files - more than 30 views in ".psd" fully built on layers which will allow you to quickly make changes / adjustments / add features and also build new views or layouts. Available in a package.
  • SASS Styles - styling of the app is enhanced by the SASS language, which makes maintenance clean and painless.

8. Beyond Admin

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Beyond Admin ReactJS template

  • Available in 6 different version: MVC version, AngularJS version, Web Forms Version, HTML version, ReactJs version and Front-End.
  • Built with Latest Bootstrap 3.3.6
  • Carefully Implemented in HTML5 & CSS3
  • Accurately Styled Elements and Pages
  • Latest jQuery v2.1.3
  • Fully Responsive & Interactive
  • Awesome CSS3 Animations
  • Implemented in Modular LESS Files (compiled CSS included)
  • Colorful and Lightweight Design
  • Right-to-left Direction Support (Arabic and Persian Layouts Included)
  • Responsive Multilevel Main Menu
  • Full Widget Control
  • Amazing Data boxes
  • Complete Email Template
  • Modern Profile page

7. NeuBoard

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NeuBoard ReactJS admin template

NeuBoard is a premium admin dashboard theme with a flat and modern design. It is a fully responsive theme built with AngularJS, Bootstrap 3, HTML5, CSS3, and Media queries. It can be used for all types of web applications, dashboards, and content managements systems.

NeuBoard theme includes multiple versions. One with all static HTML/CSS/JavaScript files,AngularJS version that contains a number of easy to use controllers and directives, ASP.NET MVC5 version written in Visual Studio 2013 for .NET developers. Each project contains seed projects which are application stater files to quickly get your project up and running.

6. Fortress

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ReactJS Fortress admin template

Fortress is a ReactJS Admin Template, responsive and multipurpose admin powered with React, Redux and Material-UI frameworks. The main features of this template are:

  • Build with React and Redux
  • Based on react boilerplate that offers a highly scalable, offline-first foundation with the best developer experience and a focus on performance and best practices.
  • A Set of React Components that Implement Google’s Material Design provided by Material-UI
  • Recharts
  • Tabs navigation for a better user experience
  • Webpack
  • React components only! no jQuery or other plugins.
  • And much more!

With this template you can create components, containers, routes, selectors and sagas and their tests easily right from the CLI.

5. Eract

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Eract Admin Template ReactJS

Eract is react bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template based on ReactJS and facebook official create-react-app cli and webpack. It uses custom-scripts for supporting css preprocessor such as SASS, LESS, STYLUS and CSS Modules. Although I used SASS for CSS but you can use any or multiple css pre-processor also. It doesn’t use any redux or flux implementation so that it’s easy to beginners to roll out of your choice. The main features of this template are:

  • Based on Bootstrap 4 and ReactJS
  • Uses official create-react-app cli for build.
  • Ghost like navigation system
  • Uses React Icons which support material icons, fontawesome and github typicons.
  • Written in ES6.
  • Uses React-Router for routing.
  • Cross Browser Support
  • High Resolution Support
  • Built with components in mind for modular structure.
  • Not using any redux or flux implementation. Kept it simple for beginners.
  • SASS/LESS/Stylus/CSS Modules switch flag for using any css preprocessor.
  • Documentation Included with Quick Start Guide

4. Berr Admin

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Berr ReactJS admin template

Berr Admin is a premium ReactJS admin template. The main features of this template are:

  • 3 Nice Dashboards
  • Fully Responsive
  • Beatiful React Components
  • Multiple Menu Options
  • Header – Footer Customization
  • Motion Animations App
  • Usefull User Interfaces
  • Easy Install
  • Usefull Scripts
  • React Charts
  • Semantic-Ui Modules
  • Useful helper classes
  • Beatiful Colored Icon sets

3. Rubix

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Rubix ReactJS Admin template

Rubix is a responsive, webapp, admin template powered by Facebook's ReactJS and Bootstrap. It has a huge collection of composable React UI components (most of the Bootstrap components have been ported to React).

It also includes an aesthetically beautiful, hand-crafted, touch-enabled charting library called Rubix Charts created exclusively for this template. The latest update of Rubix includes support for developing Universal Javascript applications, React Hot Loader support for synchronised browser testing on multiple devices and routing powered by React Router. It also make use of SASS preprocessor for CSS (includes mixins for creating your own color schemes and themes) and Webpack for managing and automating the asset pipeline. Rubix also includes the awesome rtlcss module for generating RTL stylesheets. Localization/Internationalization is powered by Mozilla's L20n library which aims to be a developer friendly framework that places languages in the localizer's hand to create better translations.

2. Material Design ReactJS

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Material Design reactjs admin template

Material Admin is an admin template built with ReactJS and Bootstrap 4 inspired by the Google Material Design. It uses Scss CSS which makes it easy to customize. The main features of this template are:

  • 2 in 1. Admin template & Landing page
  • Google Material Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Light, Gray and Dark Themes
  • Mutiple Layouts
  • Multiple Color Schemes, with 18 predefined schemes
  • Powerful Layout Settings
  • 900+ official material design icons
  • Sass/Scss CSS, easily update style by changing a few variables
  • Modular Code, add & remove with ease
  • Work with jQuery
  • Nested routing with React-router
  • Lazy loading (Dynamic routing) Support
  • ES6 (ECMAScript6) with Babel
  • Package mangement with NPM
  • Modules bundling with Webpack 2
  • Airbnb React/JSX Style Guide
  • Cross Browser Support
  • High Resolution Support
  • Premium Support
  • Free Future Updates
  • And more

1. React Admin

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ReactJS Admin Premium Template

React Admin is an awesome React template that will help yout to build a scalable, highly polished admin application with React/Redux and Bootstrap that will work great on mobile and tablet as well as desktop.

The project works with a robust CSS framework for backends built in LESS and compiled with Grunt, it has more than 60 React components that can be used to create new compositions and containers and dozens of examples containers showing how to create responsive layouts. Besides it includes 3 sub-apps (boards, notes, and maps) that will show you more specifically how to deploy functional components.

Honorable mentions


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Inspinia Admin ReactJS premium template

INSPINIA Admin Theme is a premium admin dashboard template with flat design concept. It is fully responsive admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 3+ Framework, HTML5 and CSS3, Media query. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with latest jQuery plugins. It can be used for all type of web applications like custom admin panel, project management system, admin dashboard, application backend, CMS or CRM. Inspinia package includes MVC5, .NET Core 1.0, AngularJS 1.5, Static HTML, Ruby on Rail, Meteor and Seed Orihects for ReactJS Angular 2 and Laravel 5.

Note that the React version belongs to the three special starter projects (ReactJS, Angular 2 and Laravel 5). In the future all three frameworks will have own full version of Inspinia. But if you don't want to wait for full versions and want to just jump to the code and start developing your app with the latest technologies, you can use those three special starter projects.


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ReactJS Premium Admin Template

Isomorphoc is a react-redux based single page admin dashboard. Used progressive web application pattern, highly optimized for your next react application.

GoGo React

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Go Go React Premium React Admin Template

GoGo React is an admin theme that everybody would like to use, so the design was at the top of priorities at the moment of development. It is not over complicated to use, does the job well, contains must have components and looks really nice. With the help of components and layouts, there are three different applications design. They are a good way to get you started if you want to build something similar. The dev team wrote some extra code for the applications, they are made from components mostly. You may also create applications that fit for your needs by using custom components and layouts.

If you know another awesome Premium ReactJS template, please share it with the community in the comment box.

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