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Top 10: Best Cheapest Wildcard SSL Certificates

In addition to encryption, a proper SSL certificate also provides authentication and trust. There are a lot of reasons why your website should provide a secure connection. For example, in order to accept credit card information on your website, you must pass certain audits that show that you are complying with the Payment Card Industry standards. One of the requirements is obviously using an SSL Certificate. Well, if you plain on implement such an important feature on your website then you need to simply buy and implement a SSL certificate for your website.

But what if i run a website with multiple subdomains, do I need to buy a single certificate for every subdomain of my website? That doesn't have sense if the investition that i need to make on SSL certificate on my websites is higher than my earnings! Well, you surely don't need to buy a single certificate for every subdomain, that's why Wildcard SSL certificates exist. With this kind of certificate you are able to secure unlimited sub domains or concurrent private keys (which is pretty great for hosting and virtual hosts) using only 1 certificate:

How does Wildcard SSL works

Wildcard Certificates use Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to secure a domain and all of its first-level subdomains. That means, that buying a single Wildcard certificate for, you'll be able to secure any subdomain that you create on your server like or If you use a lot of subdomains, then this is the best way to save hundred of dollars. Enjoy our top and take the right decision !


The prices of the top are based on SSL Wildcard Certificates, not single domain certificates. The price is given in Dollars and according to the date you are visiting this post, the price could change. In case you're looking for the cheapest single domain certificates, please check out this other post.

10. Wildcard SSL

Provider: DigiCert | Price: $595/Year

One of the best ways to protect your website from brute force attacks is to use 256-bit encryption along with 2048-bit root certificates. This hybrid cryptosystem benefits from the best features of both symmetric and asymmetric encryption. DigiCert certificates use the most secure encryption available and support for SHA-2 algorithms. Most other Certificate Authorities' SSL Certificates (including Wildcard Certificates) are only licensed for one physical server. But with DigiCert's unlimited server license, you can use your certificate on as many servers as you want.

9. Wildcard SSL

Provider: Network Solutions | Price: $512/Year

With a nsProtect™ Secure Wildcard SSL Certificate, you can secure your main website domain and an unlimited number of its subdomains for fully expanded website security. Wildcard comes with full Organization Validation (OV) and can be issued within one business day*. Get the full protection that your business needs. nsProtect™ Secure Wildcard, Basic and Advanced are categorized as Organizational Validation (OV) Certificates. An OV Certificate is issued only after verifying/ confirming the legitimacy of the applicant's business. This is done by using currently established and accepted vetting process, like manually checking credentials such as Dunn & Bradstreet numbers, articles of incorporation, WHOIS database information, passport, driver's license, etc. You move through the various stages of validation using Network Solutions Account Manager. Email communications will also be sent to you to assist you in the process.

8. Wildcard SSL

Provider: GoDaddy | Price: $270/Year

The Wildcard SSL Certificates feature SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption – the strongest in the world. GoDaddy offers a complete range of certificates that comply with CA/Browser Forum guidelines. All our certificates feature:

  • SHA-2 hash algorithm and 2048-bit encryption
  • Outstanding security support
  • Up to USD $1M warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

7. Wildcard SSL

Provider: SSL | Price: $224/Year's Wildcard Certificate lets you protect multiple subdomains with one easy solution. No need to install a separate certificate for each subdomain - a Wildcard Certificate can handle them all. Save money and simplify certificate management with a Wildcard Certificate from

6. Wildcard SSL

Provider: Beyond Hosting | Price: $199/Year

The Wildcard SSL certificate of Beyond Hosting is an inexpensive SSL solution where you need to prove your website authenticity. Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses with limited traffic. Secure your website URL and an unlimited amount of its subdomains.

5. Comodo Positive SSL wildcard

Provider: Trustico | Price: $119/Year

Comodo® Positive SSL Wildcard is the security product that is built for future-proofing the growth of your online business. Along with the highest levels of security, you get practically universal compatibility - Positive SSL Wildcard Certificates are recognized by all the major browsers and devices used by the world's internet population. You also receive the benefits of dedicated customer support, a $10,000 warranty and a 30 day money-back refund guarantee. Comodo® Positive SSL Wildcard certificates comply with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) recommendations - up to 256 bit encryption with 2048 bit signatures.

4. Comodo Positive SSL wildcard

Provider: ClickSSL | Price: $90/Year

Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard certificate is an effective solution for unlimited sub domain security. As a website owner, you will have to pay single cost for unlimited sub domain security. You do not go with separate certificate for each sub domain. Being a domain validation certificate the certificate will not take too long time in issuance as well requires no legal verification or business authentication. This SSL certificate is ideally for both large and small business owners who want to secure their business immediately with one of the most authenticated certificate authority.

3. Comodo Positive SSL wildcard

Provider: Limenex | Price: $66/Year

Positive SSL Wildcard is one of the most cost-effective wildcard SSL certificates available today. Comodo Wildcard SSL helps you to secure your customer’s online transactions and confidential credentials with robust encryption. By enabling SSL security on your website, you can show them that how important web security is. All transactions will be secured with latest encryption standards aka 256-bit encryption and 2048- bit root certificate.

2. Comodo Positive SSL wildcard

Provider: Cheap SSL Shop | Price: $51/Year

Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard certificate can secure unlimited number of sub domains with industry standard encryption. It confirms domain ownership and provides a single security solution for your entire sub domains. In this way you don't need to investo a lot for security of your sub domains as it will enable strong 256-bit encryption to protect your data traveling between the end user and website.

1. AlphaSSL Wildcard

Provider: SSL2Buy | Price: $38/Year

AlphaSSL Wildcard promises to secure unlimited numbers of sub domains with streamline management. AlphaSSL wildcard minimizes the risk of breach and secures unlimited sub domains, offers essential advantages that would lure you to go with this cheapest AlphaSSL wildcard certificate. This certificate can be issued really quick as the certificate follows domain validation that requires not any kind of legal document for the verification of your domain name. You can enable SSL security on your entire website including sub-domains within a few minutes, beside it ensures about 100% browser compatibility, therefore your website visitors never experience warning message even they browse your site with desktop, tablet or Smartphone browsers.

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