See our collection of the best open source themes for Prism.js

Collection of the best open source Prism.js code highlight themes

Prism is surely one of the most useful and robus syntax highlighting libraries available for JavaScript, but in our opinion, it is better than any other. It supports parallelism through Web Workers, for better performance in certain cases, it encourages good author practices by adding the class language-<lang> on the code or pre element and it's incredibly extensible. Besides, its default themes look pretty good, however if you already work with Prism.js for a long time, you may be already bored from the default themes that the official website offers. To make your coding process funier and pleasing we have collected 10 of the more awesome themes that you can find for prism on internet.

Enjoy our collection of 10 from the best Prism.js highlight CSS themes.


The themes on this article are a recopilation from different sources like the Github Website of Atelier, . We have choosen only the 20 that in our opinion, offer the best combination of colors.

1. Visual Studio

The Visual Studio theme offers the most known highlight theme for .NET developers:

Visual Studio Highlight Theme for Prism.js

2. Github

The Github theme offers the same highlight styles of the official website of Github:

Github Theme Prism.js Highlight

3. Atom Dark

This theme uses the same palette of the known default theme of the awesome code editor Atom by Github:

Atom Dark Prism.js Highlight Theme

4. Harmonic16 Dark

The palette of Harmonic as its name indicates, uses an harmonic palette of Fuchsia Blue, Emerald, Celery and Lynch:

Harmonic16 Dark Highlight Theme Prismjs

5. Summerfruit

Summerfruit offers a nice light palette of Pizazz, Royal Blue, Green and Silver Chalice:

Summerfruit Highlight Theme Prism.js

6. Evening

Dark | Light 

The evening theme is inspired on the Base2Tone colorschemes with a dark Heliotrope, Charade for the background in the dark theme and Peach Orange.

Duo2tone Evening Prism.js Theme

7. Meadow

Dark | Light

Meadow is inspired on the Base2Tone colorschemes with a Dark Mirage as background on the dark theme, Olive Drab, Havelock Blue and Malibu:

Meadow Prismjs Highlight Theme

8. Lake

Dark | Light

Lake brings a swampy style to your code with a Timber Green as background in the dark theme, Pelorous , Paris Daisy and Lucky Yellow:

Lake Prismjs Highlight Theme

9. Forest

Dark | Light

Forest has a nice combination of colors totally perfect for those old school developers. The dark version has a heavy metal background with Glade Green, Honeysuckle and Pixie Green.

Forest Prismjs Highlight Theme

10. Atelier Sulphurpool Dark

Sulphurpool has an awesome combinations for those long programming nights with a Port Gore background, Piper, Havelock Blue and Luxor Gold:

Atelier Sulphurpool Dark

Theme generator

There's a pretty useful project that you can find specifically on this Github Page, where you can easily design your own color schema with a live color picker and a live preview, build your own theme from scratch, designing it to match exactly the design of your page.

There are more Prism.js themes availabe on this repository that are awaiting to be tested. If you know another awesome open source theme for Prism.js, please share it with the community in the comment box.

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