Learn how to use the multitabs feature of the gnome terminal emulator in Kali Linux.

How to use the multiple tabs feature in the Kali Linux terminal

If you spend a lot of time at the terminal as every Kali Linux user does, sometimes is the order a great factor to work right. One of the many problems at working with the command line, is to handle the multiple tabs on the desktop, because if you work with a lot of them at the same time, you will end up with a terrible chaos.

The default terminal of Kali Linux, Gnome Terminal Emulator, allows you to organize your workflow with the terminals by creating a tabbable control in which many terminals can be viewed in a single window.

How to use

By default, Gnome Terminal Emulator  allows you to handle the tabs through keyboard combinations. So just open a new terminal and try with the following combinations:

Add new tab

To add a new tab press:

Ctrl + Shift + T

Close tab

To close a tab, use the following combination once the desired tab is focused:

Ctrl + Shift + W

Switch tab

To focus another tab in the console, use the following combinations. To switch one tab forward:

Ctrl + Pg Up

To switch one tab backwards:

Ctrl + Pg Dn

Move tab position

With Gnome, you are able to change the position of the focused tab by using the following combinations. To move the tab one position up:

Ctrl + Shift + Pg Up

To move the tab one position down:

Ctrl + Shift + Pg Dn

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