Discover how to Save 99% on Shopify Themes using a Subscription Plan.

Shopify Membership at TemplateMonster: Get Premium Themes in Bulk with 99% off the Price

Shopify Membership with Flexible Subscription Plans – How to Save 99% on Shopify Themes

Today we want to announce an up-to-date reasonable way to create a website with the top-rated Shopify templates and save up to $43,000 yearly by taking one of our flexible subscription plans. As an experienced website owner, you should know that Shopify is the most famous and user-centric eCommerce theme, despite the fact that it costs a little money. How is that possible? The answer is plain to see – it has an economical and reasonable price, which is justified with the clear, intuitive navigation, professional support and well-built pages. Besides, using Shopify you will have no need to renew your software or pay for hosting, as the professional Shopify team will manage your store completely. The only thing you need is to decide which theme is better for you, set it up and upload your goods.

Furthermore, Shopify templates have an elegant and eye-catching design, which will suit all your needs and attract new visitors to the website. So, with Shopify, you will easily combine four main features of a successful website: perfect design, high-quality goods, fair prices and lifetime customer support. Besides, no programming or web-design skills are needed!

What are the advantages of Shopify templates by TemplateMonster?

Shopify Membership with Flexible Subscription Plans – How to Save 99% on Shopify Themes

At first, our Shopify themes are top-rated and high-quality. Each of these themes is easy to manage, perfectly designed and complemented with a great number of additional features, which will make your website look and function perfectly. Also, all Shopify templates by TemplateMonster are fully responsive and search engine ready, so you will be able to create a popular and effective website without any great effort. No matter, which theme you choose, as they all are visually appealing and user-friendly.

Now, we want to present you our cost-efficient Shopify subscription plans, which will help you create an ideal website in a quick and easy way. Have a look at them:

  1. Bronze Plan ($228, $19/mo): 60 themes, 5 themes/month;
  2. Silver Plan ($348, $29/month): 120 themes, 10 themes/month;
  3. Gold Plan ($588, $49/month): unlimited themes, unlimited downloads;
  4. Single Site License (for comparison): $139 for 1 theme.

Why should you try more than one template?

Shopify Membership with Flexible Subscription Plans – How to Save 99% on Shopify Themes

Even if you are going to run just one online store, we recommend you to try a great number of themes to choose the best one, think over the future projects and propel your business to a new level. For example, if you choose the cheapest Bronze plan for one year, you get 60 well-designed Shopify themes at just $228. As you can see, it is more than one collection, so you will get various themes to test. As a result, you will be able to try out each template and choose the suitable one. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to use the newest templates, as you won’t get 60 themes right away, but 5 themes right off the bat and 5 more each month during the year.

Also, you will have a chance to try the templates and compare their look and functionality and launch more projects online. For example, if you work in design sphere, you will get all the design & photography Shopify themes. This way you will get 24 items for your sphere and 36 themes from other categories like art & culture, entertainment or any other new templates. So, in case you will have a wish to run another online project, 36 themes will be ready-to-use at your fingertips. And all these themes will cost less than 2 simple template licenses.

Which benefits does it have for the developers?

Shopify Membership with Flexible Subscription Plans – How to Save 99% on Shopify Themes

If you work as a web-developer, you know how cost-efficient and effective this subscription offer is. When you create a single web-design project, you need an individual template license for each website. In other words, the less you pay for the themes, the more you earn. Undoubtedly, using ready-made Shopify themes with the subscription plans you will save not only your time but also money. As a result, you will be able to expand your business and work faster.

How to choose the best plan for your needs?

Shopify Membership with Flexible Subscription Plans – How to Save 99% on Shopify Themes

To decide, which subscription plan is the best, you should pay attention to the number of your customers, as they have different additional options. For example, using the Gold plan, you will have an opportunity to download all needed templates without waiting. As a matter of fact, every single template will cost you less than $2. It’s a real giveaway price! As a result, you will have a chance to launch more than 300 web pages instead of taking 4 regular theme licenses. The difference is obvious! Also, you will be able to test these themes in order to become #1 on the Web.

If you want to choose ‘the golden medium’, we highly recommend you to consider buying the Silver subscription plan. This way, you will be able to get 120 Shopify themes over a year – 10 templates per month. Also, you will get the newest themes and time to choose the perfect one. Besides, you will have an opportunity to create more than one online store during the year, so your projects will be on the rise!

Still, have doubts? Just look through TemplateMonster’s Shopify products and try them. Without any doubts, you will be satisfied with their high quality and user-centric structure. Who dares – wins, so there is no time to wait, just stop thinking and give a start to your career on the Web right now!

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