Learn how to install and use the Shopware Profiler by Shyim.

Debugging and profiling Shopware in the right way using the Shopware Profiler

If you were working with PHP frameworks like Symfony or Laravel, you may already know how different (and maybe difficul) is to work with Shopware. This by itself is not a big problem, the problem is that you are used to tools like the Symfony Profiler or the dev bar of Laravel. If you are kind of nostalgic and would like to implement such profiler bar in Shopware we have a great new for you, it's possible and it's pretty easy to use thanks to the Shopware Profiler Plugin by Shyim. that implements the Symfony Profiler but configured for Shopware. We are sure that it will become familiar if you have worked with frameworks like Symfony before.


This Plugin only works on Shopware >= v5.2. It's worth to say that this plugin should be used only in development environment.

A. Using the Plugin Manager

The first way is the easiest as you only need to download the .zip file that contains the plugin folder of the profiler namely ShyimProfiler. You can download it directly from the releases on Github here, till the date of this article the latest version available is the 1.5. Extract the content of the downloaded zip inside the folder yourproject/custom/plugins.

This will expose the plugin directly into the Plugin Manager of Shopware so you can easily install it. As next proceed to open the Plugin Manager in the Backend Menu of Shopware pressing CTRL + ALT + P or going to Configuration > Plugin Manager. Here you will found now the plugin that can be installed, press on Install/Uninstall and follow the installation process:

Plugin Manager

After the installation, don't forget to enable the plugin. After the activation of the plugin, shopware will ask for a new initialisation in the following caches:

  • template
  • config
  • router
  • proxy

So you can simply accept the dialog with the question about clearing the cache.

B. Using Composer and the CLI of the Plugin Manager

If you use composer (shopware was installed with composer), the installation can be achieved using only the command line as well:

composer require shyim/shopware-profiler


With the zip version of Shopware you can't use composer commands as the distribution is different. If you install the profiler with composer, and your shopware was downloaded with a zip file, you will face weird exceptions.

Once the installation with the CLI finishes, you will need to follow the step A in the Plugin Manager. After following correctly any of the previous installation methods, the only thing that you need to do is to access to your shop in the frontend view where you will find the new Profiler bar:

Shopware Profiler Bar

For more information about this plugin, please don't forget to star or visit the official repository at Github here.

Happy coding !

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