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Top 10: Best Premium Vue.js Admin Templates

In the last months, Vue.js, the progressive framework for building user interfaces has become more and more popularity. Like Angular or React.js,  Vue is also perfectly capable of powering sophisticated Single-Page Applications when used in combination with modern tooling and supporting libraries. So, why wouldn't someone work with Vue.js if he has the opportunity to? If you are working on some administrative application and you're using Vue.js, you may not want to write the components of your application by yourself if you can buy a premium template with components that are ready to be used !

In this article we want to share with you 10 of the best premium admin templates based on the Vue.js framework, enjoy them !

10. Genius

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Genius Premium VueJS Admin Template

Genius is a premium bootstrap and Vue.js based admin template that can be easily customized by developers to create an awesome dashboard in your application. Genius Admin can be used for any type of web applications: admin panels, admin dashboards, eCommerce backends, CMS, CRM or SaaS. Genius offers bunch of plugins and UI components and works seamlessly on all major web browsers, tablets and phones. Genius Admin contains over 1000 premium and free high resolution icons.

9. SimpliQ

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SimpliQ Premium VueJS Admin Template

Our Bootstrap 4 Admin is the fastest way to build modern admin site or dashboard for any browser or device. SimpliQ Bootstrap 4 Admin Template is constantly developed and maintained by our team. The template is always optimized to load faster and deliver better user experience because we want to help you build profitable and scalable business. The template has been designed by professionals and coded by developers, so they offer great design and high quality clean code.

SimpliQ helps you maximize your productivity. Our Bootstrap 4 Admin Template allows you to accelerate you development process and save hundreds of dollars.

8. Cover

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Cover Premium VueJS Admin Template

Cover is a premium dashboard UI kit for modern web application based on Point.css and Vue.js. There are a huge of flexible components for building your next project. It’s simple, minimal core with carefully thought UI that can handle apps of any scale.

7. Devinvue

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Devinvue Premium VueJS Template

Devinvue Admin is built with Vue 2 and Element. Element is a Vue 2.0 based component library for developers, designers and product managers, with a set of design resources. With responsive and optimized design for mobile and a wide range of useful components. Devinvue provide the easy way to build your next web project. This theme features:

  • VueJS framework
  • Bootstrap 3 3.x css framework
  • Sass
  • Webpack
  • Responsive layout
  • Unlimited colors
  • Light, Dark, Gradient templates
  • Modern design, not just a admin

6. Atkins

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Atkins Premium HTML Template

Atkins is an Admin Bootstrap 4 based on VueJS. It is super flexible, powerful, clean, modern responsive bootstrap 4 template with unlimited possibilities. The admin theme is fully editable and personalisable, with a simple and clean code, compatible with several devices.

5. Basix Admin

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Basix Premium Admin Template

Basix Admin a great Admin Template Developed with Vue.js. No jQuery used for Developing the Template. bootstrap, font-awesome, and JavaScript are used to make this outstanding Template. You will get all necessary components for making any type of Admin Panel. Vuejs 2 is a growing framework and most competitor with Facebook’s Reactjs. Enterprise Applications and Small Applications allows for a modular Component Setup. Components can be added or removed by simply corresponding files/folders, we’ve Developed this Template compnent-specific and modular based. Among the most important features of this plugin stand out:

  • Latest Bootstrap v-4.0
  • Clean and Modern Design
  • Built with SCSS – SCSS Files Included
  • Blazing fast and light weight !
  • Latest Vuejs Version
  • Global SCSS and per component specific SCSS (modular!)
  • 5000+ Icons – Fontawesome, Brandico, Entypo, Fontelico, Glyphicons, Iconic Stroke, Ionicons, Maki, OpenWeb Icons
  • Customizable Charts with Chart.js – Line Chart, Bar Chart, Doughnut Chart, Pie Chart, Polar Area Chart
  • Animated Progress Bar and Vue Progress Bars
  • Completely customizable 60+ Widgets to use in your dashboard!
  • Modals
  • Advanced Google Maps Integrations- Google Maps, Bubble Maps, Leaflet Maps, Line Maps
  • Pages – Login, Register, Error 404, Error 500
  • Built with Vue-CLI to easily generate components
  • Nestd Routing with Components Name
  • Completely Modular! Every Single Element as it’s own module
  • Well Documented
  • Developer Friendly Code
  • Fully Customizable
  • +60 Widgets Ready
  • +80 Component Variations
  • Fully Responsive

4. Dondoca

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Dondoca Premium VueJS Template

Dondoca Admin is super flexible, powerful, clean, modern responsive bootstrap 4 template with unlimited possibilities. Its very easy to customize and developer friendly, it is:

  • Fully Responsive – Thanks to bootstrap
  • Super fast, Structure based on VueJS

3. Adminify

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Adminify VueJS Premium Template

Adminify is a fully responsive powerful admin template developed with Vuejs and Bootstrap 4. It comes with pre-integrated features required for your admin panel. It is developed with an approach to provide the developers a hassle free development experience. Pre designed custom pages and integrated features like charts, graphs and data-tables provides you the power to develop your backend panel with ease.

2. Clear

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Clear VUEJS Premium Admin Template

Clear is a Bootstrap + VueJS Admin Template is a bootstrap based admin template for professionals who are looking for clear and clean admin template. It comes in following versions:

  • Bootstrap: HTML, CSS files will be provided
  • VueJS:VueJS powered Admin Template following VueJS structure which is blazing fast
  • Laravel versoin:Bootstrap version converted to laravel blade files
  • Laravel + VueJS:VueJS powered laravel admin template
  • It comes with two versions… light and dark, you can choose the color scheme you like.

Code is very clean and developer friendly, in no time, you can start using Clear admin template just by following code and our documentation.

1. VueJS Laravel Admin Template

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VueJS Laravel Admin Template

Here we present VueJS Laravel Admin Template for ThemeForest Community. Embracing all latest technogies, its built with Vuejs2, Laravel 5.4 and Bootstrap 4. The developers of this templated added almost every component that you will ever need when developing a VueJS based admin template, so what are you waiting for? Simply download and starting bootstrapping your next big dashboard ! Among the most known features stand out:

  • Fully based on VueJS
  • We put lot of eff
  • No jQuery used
  • 7 layouts options provided
  • Multiple breadcrumb designs
  • Multiple color schemes added
  • example API usage with weather available

If you know another awesome premium VueJS based admin template, please share it with the community in the comment box.

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