Check this useful information about the CompTIA 220-902 Certification Exam.

CompTIA 220-902 is the second of two tests of the 900 series that are required for an individual to obtain the A+ certification. The exam deals with installing and configuring operating systems like Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, and Apple OS X.It additionally covers the topics of security, cloud computing fundamentals, operational procedures, and communication skills.

The CompTIA 220-902 exam is approved and unbiased therefore it is suitable for all employer’s demands, as the goals of the credential cover all technologies, services, software, and hardware from the modern operating systems. The A+ credential is highly recognized in the IT job market, so it places its holders in a more valuable position. To make sure of it, visit the CompTIA official website:

Exam Structure

For one to become a certificate holder of PrepAway Exams , it is necessary to pass the 220-902 exam, which comes after dealing with 220-901. The CompTIA 900 series was launched in 2015, and since then the test has continuously kept changing with the objective of staying abreast with the respective advances in related technology.

The 220-902 exam includes no more than 90 questions to be handled. The test is termed as non-linear in the sense that the candidates can start answering the questions from the beginning of the end, in any manner they would prefer, and even can make changes in their answers as they please. The applicants for the PrepAway exam may also go through their answers before submitting the paper if they are within the time limit.

The exam questions are performance-based, so the final mark will be determined by the candidate's answer. The test can also include multiple-choice questions, which require marking only one correct answer. At the same time, the performance-based questions require the candidate to be wise when answering them, since they may consume a lot of test time, unlike the multiple-choice ones. A successful candidate is expected to attain a pass mark of at least 700 points out of total 900, which is equivalent to 75%.

The student is given a time limit of one hour and thirty minutes to complete the test. If one gets to complete the exam before time, he or she can revisit the questions to make sure that the answers are placed correctly.

The applicants pay a fee of $199 before sitting for the exam, though this sum is not fixed and may be changed in the future. Registration for the test is done by clicking where you can find the nearest certification center to pass your certification exam.

Study and Revision Guide

The test taker should be very keen while preparing for the exam. Even though all areas are important, there are certain vital sections that need more concentration. Therefore, the candidates are required to know the objectives of the PrepAway exam, which are divided into five segments, also known as domains:

  • Security – 22%
  • Operational procedures – 13%
  • Software troubleshooting – 24%
  • Windows operating system–29%
  • Other operating systems and technologies– 12%

To be well-equipped for the exam, the student is advised to use several study resources. Using only one guide may result in getting limited knowledge while several learning resources will provide a wide scope of concepts and earn one a better chance for passing the exam.

Key Challenging Areas

When the potential examinee prepares for the test, it is important for him or her to pay extra attention to the areas listed below. This is because most of the previous exam takers have found them very tough and challenging. These topics are:

  1. Mobile devices. The candidate is required to know how to use and troubleshoot the operating systems of the mobile devices: Android, iOS, and Windows. Thus, the test taker ought to practice a lot, so that he or she can learn the configuration and how to secure the operating systems. 
  2. Use of command lines. An exam may carry so many questions demanding that the candidate uses a number of different commands. Therefore, it requires a lot of time for one to master all the commands and learn how to use each and every one of them in the required syntax.
  3. Mac OS and Linux. The topics included in the domain of other operating systems and technologies cover 12% of the exam. The test taker is expected to understand the functionality and the features of these two operating systems. The candidate has to thoroughly practice with both of them to stand a better chance of passing the exam.
  4. Security. This area is one of the major parts of the test. To pass the exam, the examinees should carry out extensive research on the ways of securing PCs, wireless routers, and other mobile devices. Apart from being a significant part of the exam, security skills are essential in pointing out and mitigating security threats.
  5. Troubleshooting. The examinee is tested on Windows troubleshooting. He or she is supposed to practice the required skills on the corresponding operating systems. In order to simulate rare troubleshooting issues, the candidate should install the operating systems on a spare machine and practice breaking and fixing.

Concluding Line

The CompTIA 220-902 exam leads one to getting the CompTIA A+ certification. The credential serves as a door opener to various career opportunities, such as help desk technicians, support analysts, etc. The individuals interested to gain expertise in the IT field should be encouraged to take this course. To know more about career opportunities provided by the A+ certificate, click here:

The exam is unbiased and suitable for all employees as they will be relevant in any of the CompTIA qualifying fields. The employers also have confidence when hiring the certified workers as they are trained to deal with a wide range of IT issues.

The examinees are required to know the objectives and domains of the course that can be found on the official site. Revising them will help you perform well and gain experience from the practice tasks. The domains listed above cover important sections of IT, so it goes without mentioning that the course is well-tailored to meet various requirements of this modern industry.