Learn more about the UserRecon utility that allows you to lookup an username over more than 70 social networks.

Finding an username across over 75 social networks with UserRecon

Do you ever wonder of someone is using your username on another social network that you never used ? There are a lot of social networks out there, so if you are willing to check that manually, it will take a while.

UserRecon is a script that will speed up the process and will lookup for you over 75 social networks. In this article, we'll explain you how to download and use UserRecon on Kali Linux or in Cygwin for Windows.

1. Download UserRecon Script

UserRecon is basically a shell script, there are no binaries involved so you can simply download the source script from the official repository at Github with the command line (or just download the file and place it somewhere):

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thelinuxchoice/userrecon/master/userrecon.sh

Or if you prefer to download the script with curl:

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thelinuxchoice/userrecon/master/userrecon.sh --output userrecon.sh

For more information about this shell script, please visit the official repository at Github here.

2. Run UserRecon Script

After downloading the script, just run it either as an executable (provide execution permissions to the file):

# Provide execution permissions
chmod +x userrecon.sh

# Then execute it

Alternatively, run the script with sh or bash:

# Run the script with SH
sh userrecon.sh

# Or with Bash
bash userrecon.sh

After executing the script, you will get the welcome page of UserRecon and it will prompt for the username that you want to check around the web.


This shell scripts works on all Linux distributions and even in Windows (if you use Cygwin) as it's totally written in bash.

Happy lookup !

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