See our review of 10 of the best Android Album and Gallery Picker Libraries.

Top 10: Best Android Album and Gallery Picker Libraries

A lot of applications need to allow the users to select media content from their devices either to upload or manipulate them with the app itself. This is the case of images and videos, however, there's no intuitive way to implement a picker from scratch in your applications without compromising development time. That's why there are as well a lot of libraries that you can implement in your android applications to allow the users to select single or multiple images or videos from their devices to do something with them.

In this top, I will share with you 10 of the most elegant and useful Gallery Picker libraries that you can use in your Android apps.

10. Belvedere

Belvedere Android Gallery

Belvedere gives you the power to easily integrate file selection from third-party apps and the camera without the need to take care of permissions, ContentProvider, Intent permissions, and so on. Belvedere uses Picasso Compat which provides compatibility between Picasso 2.5.2 and Picasso 2.71828. This allows us to support both versions without needing to release a -PCOMP version to support users of differing versions.

9. Android Image Picker

Android Image Picker

Android Image Picker is a simple library to select images from the gallery and camera.

8. FishBun

FishBun Image Picker Android

FishBun is a highly customizable image picker for Android. FishBun supports various visual styles and allows fine-tuning for details. Running on Android M, FishBun checks if it has proper permission for you before reading external storage.

7. ImageSelector

Image Selector Android Library

Image selector is a library for Android that offers single choice, multi-choice file pickers with the possibility of cropping and previewing images.

6. RxImagePicker

RxImagePicker Library for Android

RxImagePicker is a reactive picture selector for Android, which converts your selection requirements of pictures into an interface for configuration and displays any UI theme in Activity or Fragment. It lets developers realize the demand of selecting pictures in the development of Android in a simple and flexible way.

5. MultiType FilePicker

MultiType FilePicker Android

MultiType Filepicker is a lightweight Android File picker.

4. MultipleMediaPicker

MultipleMediaPicker Library Android

MultipleMediaPicker is an android library to pick multiple images and/or videos from a built-in gallery. This library is encouraged to use as little memory as possible.

3. PickPhotoViewSample


PickPhotoView is a useful library that helps users to pick photos from the gallery easily. It uses:

2. Louvre

Louvre Gallery Picker

Louvre is a small customizable image picker. Useful to handle a gallery image pick action built-in your app. It uses:

  • Design Support Library The Design package provides APIs to support adding material design components and patterns to your apps.
  • CounterFab A FloatingActionButton subclass that shows a counter badge on the right top corner.
  • Glide An image loading and caching library for Android focused on smooth scrolling
  • PhotoView Implementation of ImageView for Android that supports zooming, by various touch gestures.

1. Album

Album Gallery Picker

Album is a Material Design style album, it provides three functions: album, camera, and gallery.

  1. Select images, select videos, or select pictures and videos.
  2. Take a picture, record a video, or use the camera in the album list.
  3. Preview pictures and videos in the gallery or select pictures and videos in the gallery.

Developers must configure AlbumLoader to make Album work normally, and AlbumLoader is used to load thumbnails of images and videos.

If you know about another awesome Android Album and Gallery Picker Libraries, please share it with the community in the comment box.

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