Discover how to track your app engament metrics in Android.

How To Track Critical App Engagement Metrics In Android

It is one thing to develop a mobile application, but getting people to interact with the app is much more important. Mobile applications that lack adequate user engagement are very likely to get lost or submerged in app stores. So the real question now is - how can mobile app developers and development companies build better iterations to improve the success of their mobile app?

In Android app development, understanding how to measure and analyze mobile app KPIs is simply the best way to achieve better iterations in any project. It is interesting to know that most top app development companies making headway today have gone beyond learning to measure their mobile app metrics but have begun applying them to enable them to effectively formulate the right development strategy.

The importance of staying informed in today’s increasingly competitive environment cannot be underrated, this is why it is important for Android app developers to learn and understand how to track critical app engagement metrics. This is an important aspect of app marketing that no single mobile company in the industry, including startups and top app development companies should underestimate but learn to take it very seriously.

This post is designed to enable application owners, developers, and agencies understand how their apps are behaving, how users engage with the app and the various areas that they may need to improve upon through app engagement metrics. Here are some helpful tips established to enable developers to effectively measure app performance with mobile app metrics.

Measure how many installs the app receives

Just so you know, the lifespan of any mobile application can be significantly impacted by the number of installs it gained within the first few days of its launch. Measuring how many installs an app gets in the early stage of its launch can greatly help mobile app developers and development agencies understand what to target. The Android community is currently growing at a fast pace. Depending on the type of app, developers are bound to gain a good number of installs on the platform when the build their apps correctly.

Analyzing the competition can also go a long way to help developers understand the best install rate for their mobile application. Most top app development companies and developers do this based on their monetary goals. As you already know, data which is the lifeline of any mobile app marketing process is essential to achieving critical app engagement metrics. There are various ways app developers and development agencies can get installs such as word of mouth, organic searches, etc.

There are different approaches to enhancing app engagement. However, app developers can best formulate targeted campaigns by seeking valuable insights.

Identify active users

The best way to effectively segment users based on specific trends is by tracking those using the app, how users behave, and what their main interests are. This can go a long way to help developers enhance app engagement and acquire leads that are yet to join in the conversion funnel. Most top app development companies adopt a pricing strategy to ensure their app’s success. Generally, this has to do with calculating the number of monthly active users for the app.

Just so you know, it is much easier to identify the best ways to monetize an app, obtain details on a specific marketing campaign and figure out those essential features for app engagement by tracking user interaction and obtaining relevant feedback.

Consider user acquisition

App developers and marketers should endeavor to take user acquisition very seriously to be able to effectively track critical app engagement metrics. Basically, this has to do with the number of users that download and install the mobile application within a specific time or period. There are several sources through which developers can get people to use their apps including paid campaigns, in-app referrals, and organic search.

One of the major concerns of mobile app development companies and developers is knowing how their users engage with their apps. Google has several tools with which Android app developers and development companies can effectively analyze their marketing efforts and acquire vital reports on user engagement information. This can also be manually done by understanding how mobile downloads convert into valuable long-time users.

Consider app install ads

Today, it is very common to find many top app development companies using app install ads as a valuable means of tracking critical app engagement metrics. No doubt, this approach can play a very crucial role in enhancing app marketing. Already, over 30 percent of mobile ad revenue has been generated by mobile app install ads. Some industry experts have already predicted that by the end of 2019, an estimated $7 billion would be realized as revenue via mobile app-install.

This implies that mobile app developers and development companies can effectively grow their reach by capitalizing on mobile installs. When it comes to Android app development, developers can effectively bid on certain keywords to target users on their YouTube, search networks, and display networks, all thanks to Google’s app installs ads.

Parting shots

When it comes to mobile app development the importance of tracking and analyzing these aforementioned metrics cannot be overemphasized simply because they help developers provide actionable solutions in their mobile offerings. Many top app development companies and developers alike do not joke with app engagement metrics because it enables them to understand how their users interact with their apps and why.

Harnil Oza is a CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company based in USA & India having a team of best app developers who deliver best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform and also listed as one of the top app development companies by leading research platform. He regularly contributes his knowledge on the leading blogging sites.