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Top 10: Best Android Rating Bar Widgets

A rating of a feature of your application, products or other qualifiable stuff allows something to be measured as something useful, regular or even useless thing. If something on your app needs to be rated, you need to implement a graphic solution so the user will be commited to interact with your app (stop forcing users to write numbers in plain inputs for the love of god !).

In this top, we will share with you a collection of 10 of the most useful and simple to use Rating Bar components for your Native Android Application.

10. RatingBar


RatingBar is a custom widget use to display rating in star. It aims to replace the builtin RatingBar in android sdk and very easy to use and customise.

9. AndroidRatingStar

Android Rating Star Widget

RatingStar is specific RatingBar use star drawable as the progress mark.

8. SimpleRatingBar by Bravoborja


SimpleRatingBar allows us to create a RatingBar with margin between items. You can choose other properties in order to show custom drawables of SimpleRatingBar, like ratingEmpty, ratingHalf and ratingFilled.

7. Smiley Rating

Smiley RatingBar

Smiley-Rating is a custom way to greet your users with a smile while they give awesome Feedback about your app.

  • Star the repository
  • Fork the repository
  • Make a new branch with dscriptive name
  • Implement your feature
  • Make a pull request to the repo
  • Thanks for Contribution, now smile an rejoice

6. RatingBar

RatingBar by Hedge-Hog

Because a lot of projects need this feature, but the android itself on the propagation of the Ratingbar support is very bad, so this developer intended to write his own component.

  • You can set the padding between the stars,But because the Ratingbar is rewriting Imageview, so distance setting still need to fine tune
  • You can set up half a star,but this method is very bad,Using this method is not recommended. Look at the code if you want to know the detail.

5. ProperRatingBar


Inspired by stock android RatingBar, ProperRatingBar is a Simpler implementation of a rating bar that has features that the original lacks. Well, stock Android RatingBar lacks some styling attributes that you would expect from it and sometimes offers unexpected behavior. Besides that, we needed to use symbols like '$' as rating bar ticks in our project - none of third-patry libraries out there provides that functionality.

4. SimpleRatingBar by FlyingPumba


SimpleRatingBar is an open source project which features a simple yet powerful RatingBar alternative to Android's default:

  • Fully working android:layout_width: it can be set to wrap_content, match_parent or abritary dp.
  • Arbitrary number of stars.
  • Arbitrary step size.
  • Size of stars can be controlled exactly or by setting a maximum size.
  • Customizable colors in normal state (border, fill and background of stars and rating bar).
  • Customizable colors in pressed state (border, fill and background of stars and rating bar).
  • Customizable size separation between stars.
  • Customizable border width of stars.
  • Customizable stars corner radius.
  • Allows to set OnRatingBarChangeListener and OnClickListener
  • Stars fill can be set to start from left to right or from right to left (RTL language support).
  • AnimationBuilder integrated in the view to set rating programatically with animation.

3. SimpleRatingBar By Ome

SimpleRatingBar By Ome Widget

This is a very simple RatingBar library, which you can just simply extend BaseRatingBar to implement your own animation RatingBar in a few steps! Currently the plugin offers three RatingBars :

  • BaseRatingBar
    A RatingBar without any animation.
  • ScaleRatingBar
    A RatingBar with progressive and scale animation.
  • RotationRatingBar (contributed by nappannda)
    A RatingBar with progressive and rotate animation.

2. SmileyRating

SmileyRating Widget Android

SmileyRating is a simple rating bar for android. It displays animated smileys as rating icon.

  • Drawn completely using android canvas
  • Inspired by Bill Labus

The widget can be easily embed in any part of your application where there's a layout.

1. MaterialRatingBar


Material Design RatingBar implements a widget for rating stuff but with a better appearance, compatible with Android 3.0+.

  • Consistent appearance on Android 3.0+.
  • Extends framework RatingBar.
  • Get the 2dp star border background as in Material Icons and Google apps.
  • Correct custom tinting across platforms.
  • Able to render correctly when layout_width is set to match_parent, as in Google Play Store.
  • Able to scale correctly when layout_height is set to values other than 16dp, 36dp and 48dp.
  • Able to display ratings such as 4.3 correctly, which will be filled to 4.5 by framework's incorrect implementation.
  • Avoid framework's sunken half star visual glitch.
  • Used as a drop-in replacement for framework RatingBar.

If you know another awesome open source component to implement a rating bar in your android application, please share it with the community in the comment box.

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