Discover when you should use PHP or WordPress for your bussiness.

PHP or WordPress: Which is Better for Your Business and Why?

There are many entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the online platform, often remain in a dilemma whether they should use PHP or WordPress for the creation of websites. These two have their pros and cons.

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Some prefer PHP, while some others resort to the WordPress CMS to create web resources. So, we will evaluate both PHP and WordPress & try to know which one is best for the online business. Let’s get started.

PHP Benefits

PHP is Opensource Language & Economical

Developers and IT managers can easily access PHP as it is an opensource language. You don’t have to pay a hefty amount to purchase a license to use the PHP. It also has a large community of PHP developers, which continues to increase with each passing day. Hundreds of ready-made PHP solutions have facilitated the creation of amazing websites and applications. Ease of use and hassle-free accessibility significantly reduce the threshold of entry into the PHP coding.

PHP Development Consumes Less Time

PHP Development consumes less time

Always keep in mind that PHP is a partially object-oriented language. So, it becomes possible for PHP developers to reuse the code easily. It saves time and effort during the web development process. There are several PHP frameworks.

Each of them has its own functionality and is designed for specific tasks. You must know that PHP was originally optimized for creating web applications quickly. It has built-in functions such as using GET and POST requests, which works smoothly with HTML and URLs. So, the time required for the development of business is reduced up to a great extent and investment begins to pay off more quickly.

Flexibility and Excellent Compatibility

PHP is highly flexible and versatile. It is compatible with all major web platforms, supports leading servers, and has 20 databases. So, designers and developers use PHP to create cross-platform applications. It allows business organizations to maximize existing infrastructure with the lowest possible cost and increase the profit margins by leaps and bounds. Generally, it is recommended to use PHP along with HTML.

It is because PHP successfully integrates with JavaScript, WML, XML and other programming languages. You don’t face any problem with the browser as all scripts are compiled on the server side. All web projects are a subject matter of change sooner or later. Due to the dynamic nature of PHP, you can easily implement changes on your website without facing any problem.

Great Scalability

IT companies involved in custom PHP development have to run different software modules one by one and make the necessary changes as required by the clients. PHP allows you to develop and maintain scalable IT projects and generate many pages with almost all settings. The PHP code is transparent and well documented. So, it becomes easier for you to figure out what is going on & safely implement iterative development with minimal risk of delay in case you have to change a PHP programmer or even an entire team.

Free Support and Update

Because of good readability, changing and modifying PHP code is easier. So, fewer problems with support and updates come up from time-to-time. PHP projects quickly adapt to new applications that appear on the market and new business requirements. Due to the contribution of the open community, the new functionality that meets the emerging needs of the business appears regularly and does not cost anything.

PHP is open For Broad Hosting Services

PHP is highly popular among hosting providers. All reliable hosting services company support PHP and provides hosting services for sites on it. They provide PHP support at no extra charge or low-cost plans with an unlimited volume and a free domain name.

Outcome: So, now it's clear that the main business advantages of PHP are its economy, scalability, simplicity, compatibility, and convenience. In combination with other technologies, PHP is highly suitable for All types of IT projects- from simple websites to CRM solutions and large portals.

Let’s talk about WordPress

As we all know that WordPress is a popular CMS. It is widely used and appreciated by millions of website owners all over the world because of its free availability, regular updates, lots of free themes and plugins, inbuilt SEO-features, great scalability, etc. These days, many leading companies use WordPress to maintain a solid online presence on the web with low investment.

But wait for a while. WordPress has certain limitations also. Despite tall claims made by many WordPress Developers, WordPress websites are easier to hack even today. Experienced hackers use sophisticated technologies to bring your website down and destroy the web-based business. You may also face problems while trying to expand your website & adding new features to it. It is not recommended for business organizations that have long-term business plans in different countries. WordPress is suitable for small and medium-scale business organizations only.

Final Words

All business organizations are poised for future growth and expansion. It's clear from this observation that WordPress is your true pal if you have to run small and medium scale business portals. For larger business web resources, PHP always proves to be helpful. So, determine your needs in advance & use WordPress or PHP accordingly. Best of Luck.

Mary Scott is the Sr Php Programmer cum technical writer of Stellen Infotech, an Indian Based web Development & Digital Marketing Company offering most comprehensive web applications and solutions for different industry verticals.