Discover how you can download the ISO releases of the Ubuntu operative system (desktop and server) faster using the P2P protocol.

How to download Ubuntu releases ISO files faster (accelerate download)

What if i told you that you can download the Ubuntu Desktop/Server iso in only 8 minutes (according to your internet speed)?  Let's be honest, downloading the ISO files of the Ubuntu OS either for Server or Desktop is a pain in the ***. Independently of your broadband speed, the Ubuntu servers/mirrors generate a download rate of only ~600 to ~800 KB/S. This will take almost 2 hours if you download the file through HTTP(S).

There are several other ways to get Ubuntu including torrents (through this protocol we can download the file faster). In this short article, we will explain you how to download quickly the Ubuntu ISO files through BitTorrent.


Unless you are a script kiddie, you should already know what you need with the introduction of the post:

  • An acceptable broadband speed, do not expect to download at 5MB/S if you pay for a 5Mbps connection to your ISP ... In our case, we have the following speed:Internet Speed SpeedTest Our Code World
  • A P2P BitTorrent client (like uTorrent).

Having said that, let's get started !

1. Download the Ubuntu .torrent file

As first step, you will need to download the source torrent for the download of the Ubuntu image. You can get the links of the official ubuntu website here (in the BitTorrent area). The file size of the torrent is about ~75KB.

2. Open the torrent file and start download

In our case, we will use the uTorrent program to download our ISO, so just open the file with the uTorrent program and start the download, define the path where the file should be downloaded and that's it, let the internet work for you ! In our case, our download just took less than 10 minutes due to the high seed availability of the torrent and of our broadband:

Download Ubuntu Torrent

Happy Coding !

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