Check some web resources for the Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing & Switching (CCNA) exam.

Exam Labs Top Choices: Web Resources for Cisco CCNA R&S Exam Preparation

The CCNA Routing and Switching certification has two options of exams. You may choose the path of writing two tests or a combined single exam. The two tests cover ICND1 (Cisco 100-105) and ICND2 (200-105). If you want to take the single exam, you will be required to write Cisco 200-125 CCNA. You can find the details of each of these tests, including their contents, prerequisites, fees, etc., on the Cisco certification page.

Whichever of the options you want to attempt to earn your Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing & Switching certificate, it is important that you use the right resources. In this guide, explore some of the top web resources you can use for your Cisco CCNA R&S exam preparation. Before looking at these resources, let us look at a brief overview of the certification tests.

Overview of CCNA R&S Certification Exams

  1. The 100-105exam is made up of between 45 and 55 questions. The candidates have time allotment of 90 minutes for the completion.
  2. The 200-105 exam consists of 55-65 questions and lasts for 90 minutes.
  3. The 200-125 exam includes 60-70 questions that should be answered within 90 minutes.

In case you are non-native speaker of English, you have an extra thirty minutes to complete your certification tests. It is essential to mention that there are specific requirements that the students must meet before they can be allowed the additional thirty minutes. You should contact your testing center to discuss your qualification for the time extension. You are required to score a minimum of 810 on a scale of 1000 points in order to pass the exam.

The CCNA R&S certification is valid for a period of three years and you have to recertify after this period. To recertify, you can take the ICND2 exam or the latest CCNA certification test. You also have the opportunity to take the CCNA Concentration to recertify. This exam covers wireless, voice, and security. Additionally, you can take the professional-levelcertification test (300-xxx) or any other specialist exams. Any other CCDA, CCIE, or CCDE written tests would also qualify for the CCNA R&S recertification.

If you are going through the route of two exams, it is important that you write the second lap of the test (ICND2) within a period of three years after writing the first one(ICND1). Failure to do this will result in the expiration of ICND1. The implication of this is that you would have to start all over from the ICND1 stage.

Top Website Resources for CCNA R&S Exam Preparation

When you are ready to register for your exam, you should know that it is time for serious study. There are numerous resource tools that you can use for your preparation. Whatever resource you decide to work with, you must be diligent enough to make the best of it. No doubt, there are many tools of exam prep that have been designed by the seasoned professionals in the field but you have to do your part to study and understand the content. The web platform is filled with a wealth of resources but you still have to be careful when choosing materials. It is important that you use reputable platforms like Exam Labs to get your exam prep going. Let’s look at some top websites for your CCNA R&S exam preparation.

  • Cisco Press

This is the official platform where you can get all recommended books for the Cisco CCNA R&S certification exams. There are numerous study guides that you can access on this platform to help with your preparation. These tutorials are designed to help build your skills and knowledge on the content of the tests. Some of the books you can access through this website include CCNA Portable Command Guide; Cisco Press ICND1 and ICND2 Certification Guide; CCNA Networking Academy (1-4); Sybex CCNA 6th edition; and Cisco Discovery & Cisco Exploration Study Guide.

  • Exam Labs

One of the crucial preparation tools for exam success is the use of practice questions. Using them during your exam preparation cannot be overemphasized. It goes a long way to prepare you adequately for the task ahead. If you want to have the real exam atmosphere experience before the actual test, then you should consider opting for the exam simulator for taking your practice tests. No doubt, using this tool is the best way to take these practice tests. It offers you the opportunity to take a mock exam and a practice test in a setting that is very similar to what you have in the real exam. With the simulator, you can have the real feel of the exam scenario. This will develop your test taking ability and prepare you for the real deal. Exam Labs offers the exam simulator that allows you take braindumps and practice questions in an actual test setting.

  • Exam-Labs

Video training courses are some of the best options of preparing for your certification exam. These videos are delivered by the seasoned experts with wealth of experience in the industry and test taking skills. They deliver the exam contents in an easy-to-understand and concise manner. You can explore the video training courses for your preparation but it is important to mention that it is optional. There are other resource tools that you can use to prepare for your exam. In addition to this platform, there are other online websites that offer video courses on Cisco CCNA R&S. These include ExamCollection, PrepAway, Pluralsight, and CBT Nuggets, among others.

  • Cisco Community Forums

Although you will be writing your exam alone but you don’t have to study and learn alone. You can join other exam candidates online and learn from them. There are quite a good number of online community forums and websites that allow the test takers interact and get answers to their questions. You can explore any of these sites. The Cisco website is your best bet. As a matter of fact, almost all Cisco test takers are members of this site, so you will do well to join and start learning from others. Apart from the official platform, there are other websites that you can consider. These include ExamCollection, CerCollection and Certforums, among others.

These top websites have a lot to offer in terms of exam preparation for Cisco CCNA R&S. Go through them and make the best of your preparation process.