Discover why is Salesforce useful for every app developer.

Why is Using Salesforce DX important for all app developers?

If you are a business owner who creates and develops new apps and software, then it is vital that you should start using Salesforce DX to boost your app building capabilities. Salesforce DX will help you out by increasing the efficiency of your application building process. There are a number of different tools in Salesforce DX which will help you to accomplish this. You will be able to save up on a lot of time and money when you use the tools from Salesforce DX. In this article, you will be learning about the reason why Salesforce DX needs to be used in your app development procedures.

Salesforce DX comprises of a bunch of different tools: Salesforce DX is a group of tools. It is not an individual product. One of the best things to have happened to application and Salesforce developers in recent times is Salesforce DX. It is something which has been really planned out in a proper way, and it will bring a lot of things in the app building ecosystem. But it is crucial to understand that Salesforce DX is not an isolated product. It is basically a group of tools and not a specific product which can magically fix all the different challenges which your development team has been facing in organizing changes or managing various releases. 

In fact, Salesforce has been reputed to produce a number of amazing products which work with great finesse. You can find a number of applications, all well designed, which have been created by Salesforce. Basically, Salesforce is famous for the clicks and not any particular code philosophy. Salesforce DX is, however, different. It is not a product which works in the manner of Salesforce. It is, in fact, a series of different tools which is used for building a well-customized development pipeline through the specific command line. Salesforce DX will without a doubt go on to evolve more with time. It will become more user-friendly in the future. However, you should understand that this is a thing in which you ought to invest in quickly, rather than wait for the future.

Check if you are suitable to use Salesforce DX now:

You may have some questions regarding the use of Salesforce DX now. The first doubt that you may have is whether you are at all interested in building Salesforce developing pipelines from scratch through a CLI or command lines interface.

You should understand that today, at present, the tools which are related with Salesforce DX would be quite accessible and also useful for the members in your team who can work with the CLI and command lines interfaces or the integrated development environment. The adopting of Salesforce DX will be making your app development process quite flexible too.

Salesforce DX will also be giving you some sense of responsibility along with freedom and respect when you set your Salesforce team up. You can easily determine whether your team is capable enough for using Salesforce DX. You can find a number of tutorials on the internet which shows how you should be using Salesforce DX and how you can use the source-driven developments with the CLI. Check if your team is comfortable in using these tools, whether they can intuitively pick up the different aspects of the tools and so on.

How are your code and your app? How old are they together?

It is also important that you can take into consideration about the state or the age of the Salesforce implementation. If you are starting a new project, then you can consider investing in Salesforce DX. This will help you in promoting Salesforce in a better manner. However, in the event that your application is a legacy application, then you may consider using a migration path. You will need some amount of time in fulfilling your requirements. You must have in mind the different directory structures which are used in Salesforce DX and use it to shift from the monolithic bases to the more modernized versions. The development teams which use plenty of codes along with legacy applications can opt for waiting for some time before they migrate to DX.

How does the command line function?

Salesforce DX will not be available in a pointing and clicking based interface. It would all be completely based on command lines. For a lot of the teams, it is quite natural to be working with the command lines. While for the others it will be a bit more intimidating. You need to consider what your team will be more comfortable with respect to the command lines. You can consider to wait or to dive in immediately.

Will you have your source control at the right place?

Source driven developments will make one of the essential aspects of Salesforce DX. You need to check if you are using, currently, any source control technology. IT can be so that your team is still using ad hoc methods for making changes and tracking them. Salesforce DX will require you to be familiar in using source control tools.

If you think that your team is not yet ready to use Salesforce DX at present then you may still try and test them a bit before finally diving in. You can slowly train them to use DX for some time and gradually introduce new features.

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Salesforce DX will be an effective boost to your team’s app development capabilities. It will also save your time a lot. You need to understand the basic nature of the tools included in Salesforce DX and check if your team is comfortable with using them before you get this. You will get something suitable. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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