Learn the importance of email marketing nowadays.

The importance of Email Marketing in 2019 and beyond

You must have probably heard about email marketing losing its significance over hot social media that has gathered quite a pace over the years. 

But is email marketing really declining? It might look on the surface, but it's not. Email marketing campaigns have rejuvenated in the world of social media and more companies than ever are pushing for it to drive growth and improve on their strategies.

“The biggest difference is, email marketing reaches the target audience in ways other technologies can't.”

With more than 4 billion email accounts, it surpasses many social media sites. A fast and reliable form of communication that reaches customers, subscribers or regular users effortlessly without costing money to individuals or groups. It still is a great marketing platform coupled with its wide range of functions.

In this blog, we’ll concentrate on the importance of  Email marketing and how it is shaping the present and the future. 

2019 and beyond, Email Marketing will be all about customer experience. It's not easy as it was before for brands to retain customers indefinitely. In this competitive digital age, consumers can easily discern what separates a good brand from the rest. If they have signed up to one’s email program, that's only because of the promises made and they expect them to be delivered.

1. Design Trends

Designs seem to have integrated with emails effortlessly. We are programmed to retrieve visual cues better than text and this has transformed email marketing. Visual patterns, textures, shapes and different types of colors have raised the game and design trends are here to evolve and dominate:  

  • Email content has evolved with sidebars and links. This is just the beginning of the interactive cycle that will push design reforms. 
  • Evolution of promotional emails with personalized content and email opening lines to help drive engagement and revenue both offline and online. This is accomplished through analytical tools that provide relevant data on user behavior.
  • With the rise in the popularity of hero images; the first visual element that is encountered by a visitor, emails are leveraging high-quality images of websites to create engaging content. Hero images can be static or dynamic which rests on brand preferences. The rise of GIF’s, cinemagraph and videos in email marketing is not surprising and will continue to gather pace.
  • Emails are getting statistical with infographics and visual maps. They break complex information into simpler forms and users can do without processing other data.

2. Cost

Crafting emails is absolutely free. If one gets an audience to subscribe to their mailing list, that means that their strategy is working and could be used effectively to increase user engagement. Email marketing also doesn’t require huge sums of investment. Spending right on tools and software which deliver well-crafted campaigns promise substantial returns. On every dollar spent on marketing through email-campaigns, the average return is close to $40-44.

3. Analytical Trends

SEO services recommend analytical tools that track user behavior. The robust data is then used to improve customer engagement and retention rates. It's important to know for product owners or service providers what's working and what's not. Without analytics, the game plan goes out of the window and emails aren’t quite as effective as one would like to be. The analytical data reveals a number of emails reached to the target audience, how many of them were actually opened and provides data on clicked links. Analytics assist brands to develop insights into email bounce rate or whether the subject lines are proving to be effective or not. Email strategies could be tweaked based on these reports.

4. The future

How would email marketing look like in the next 3-5 years? The future looks bright and don’t be surprised if you receive AI generate campaigns. In the near future, a lot of decisions and campaigns will be automated.

Email channels will be the fastest and highest growing ROI. Businesses will rarely get a second chance if they fail to deliver in the first place. The email content could possibly be personalized to every subscriber needs. Voice-based interactions are in the development phase that will rely on clear and concise email copy. A shopping experience with just one click without having to open a browser or app might also become a reality.  

Wrapping Up!

There is no doubt that the future is mobile! 75% of close to billion Gmail users access email through mobile devices. Emails aren't’ enough! Designs need to be worked out constantly with quality content that has all in its arsenal to engage subscribers.  Effective campaigns need the support of analytical tools and it's important to know their impact, however little or big it is. Procuring and working on feedback is a must in this competitive digital age where consumers can switch brands with a simple tap of a button. It's advisable to work with a mobile app development company that assists in driving user engagement on mobile platforms.

Keval Padia is the founder & CEO of Nimblechapps, a progressive Mobile app development company in India, USA. He loves to craft a mobile experience that automates business operations. The prospects of future mobile technology entice him to express his views on subjects that he is affiliated with.