Other awesome development tricks that you may need to know

Implementation of the Soundex algorithm (function) in different programming languages
See our recopilation of the Soundex function written in different and known programming languages.
How to edit and add environment variables in Windows for easy command line access
Learn how to add or edit environment variables in Windows to make your development work easier and shorter.
Enabling SSL (https protocol) with xampp in a local PHP project
Learn how to enable the https connection to your local php project in xampp.
How to execute a .sh script on remote server (linux & ubuntu) using PuTTY in windows
Learn how to automate complex (and not exempt from mistakes) tasks from the command line using PuTTY.
What is FTPS, FTP, SFTP and what is the difference between them
Learn what are the differences between FTPS, FTP and SFTP.
Tips and tricks that you probably don't know with the Github Markdown in readme.md files
Learn a couple of tricks that you may don't know using Github Markdown in your readme.md files.
How to check if the user has already checked Google Recaptcha checkbox
Learn how to check if the user already checked the Google Recaptcha field.
How to download a single folder of a github repository
Learn how to clone a single folder of a github repository on any platform.
¿What is a polyfill?
Learn what is a polyfill and some use cases.
How to change the Chrome Inspect Tools theme to Dark
Learn how to set to dark the Chrome Inspect Tools theme