Discover the relationship between coding and web design.

The Relationship Between Coding and Web Design

With all of the advances made in site building tools over the decades, it is now entirely possible for a complete novice to get a website up and running with no knowledge of coding whatsoever.

Of course this statement comes with a whole heap of caveats, and in reality if you want to make the most of the online storefront representing your business or brand, being able to harness the intricacies of the programming languages that underpin modern sites is essential.

Here is a look at how coding relates to web design in an era when the latter has never been more accessible.

Expert designers are comfortable with coding

Even if you are not an HTML whiz or a JavaScript master yourself, it is safe to assume that when you procure the services of a professional web design agency like Parachute Design, the experts working on your behalf will be au fait with these more arcane aspects of making a site.

This is significant for a number of reasons, chief amongst which is that by knowing how to manipulate code, specialist designers will be able to create sites that are completely bespoke.

We live in an age of the website template, which makes it easy to start a site but difficult to stand out from the crowd if you are unable to get under the hood and make changes.

Whether you are building a fashion e-commerce site or looking to promote your latest artistic efforts, you either need to learn the foundations of relevant coding to ensure your site is not just another cookie-cutter creation, or hire someone who has these skills already to do it for you.

It’s about more than just aesthetics

While coding can be harnessed to make your website look better and catch the eye of visitors, this is just one of the areas in which its impact is felt.

It is also a means by which you can improve site performance, which can help troubleshoot issues with page load speed and thus improve your search rank, for example.

Furthermore you can make adjustments to the interface and layout which will improve the user experience, and thus enhance conversion rates, rather than causing first time visitors to get frustrated when they cannot easily access the information they need.

Of course these are aspects which have been automated to an extent by the various site-building platforms that have emerged recently. Even so, the best web design is arguably only achievable if you have coding credentials in your arsenal alongside other relevant skills.

Coding unshackles innovation

Coding forms the building blocks of a website, and like a good architect, any designer that understands these raw materials intimately will have no theoretical limits on what they can achieve.

Ultimately the only things that will curtail your ambitions will be time and budget. So at the end of the day, it makes sense to take coding seriously even if you are not sure where your web design journey will ultimately take you.