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Learn how to disable the server indexing of the "icons" directory in Apache.
How to enable HTTP/2 support in XAMPP
Learn how to enable support for HTTP/2 in your localhost environment of XAMPP in Windows.
Tables of Departments and Municipalities of Colombia in SQL format
This article provides 2 tables in SQL format with foreign relations of all the Departments and Municipalities of Colombia.
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Discover the relationship between coding and web design.
PHP vs JavaScript: which is best for web development
Discover which programming language you should use for web development.
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Learn how to configure easily the CDN service from StackPath in your own website or blog.
How to detect if the user prefers a light or dark color schema in the browser with JavaScript and CSS
Learn how to automatically define the color schema of your website according to the user preference in the operative system.
How to access the htdocs directory of XAMPP from a computer or mobile device in the same local area network (LAN)
Learn how to access the htdocs directory of your computer from a device connected in the same local area network.
How to render properly a directory structure (treeview) in Prism.js
Learn how to render beautifully a directory tree structure in Prism.js.
Common Mistakes To Avoid While Building A Website Design
Discover which are the most common mistakes while building a website and how to avoid them.