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How to change Max Disk Space and Traffic of a domain in Plesk Web Admin with the CLI
Learn how to change the max traffic and max disk space of a subscription in Plesk via SSH.
How to download and install custom UI PHPMyAdmin Themes
Learn how to use custom UI themes for PHPMyAdmin.
How to know which files will be updated/removed/created before running svn update in a subversion repository
Learn how to know which files will be modified in your working copy with the SVN cli.
How to reset MySQL 5.7 root password in Ubuntu 16.04
Learn how to change the password of the root user of MySQL 5.7 Server in Ubuntu 16.04
How to login as root (admin) user in the MySQL CLI with Plesk
Learn how to login as admin to the MySQL CLI in a plesk based server.
How to create a MySQL database with the command line and set privileges to user
Learn how to create a database from scratch and grant privileges to a specific user with the CLI in MySQL.
How to Recover InnoDB MySQL files using XAMPP on Windows
Learn how to recover databases from IDB and FRM files from a damaged MySQL installation.
How to add support for Markdown in Netbeans
Learn how to add markdown support for Netbeans.
How to change the password of a MySQL user from the command line
Learn how to change the password of a registered user in MySQL from the command line.
How to convert automatically ES6 JS to ES5 using Babel in NetBeans
Learn how to transpile ES6 to ES5 using Babel (Node.js) in NetBeans.