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How to invert/flip the values of a TinyInt or Boolean column in MySQL
Learn how to invert the values from a column of a table in MySQL.
How to use PuTTY in multiple tabs using TTY Plus in Windows
Learn how to use MTPuTTY (multitabbed putty) to use Multiple instances of putty in a single instance with tabs.
How to solve TCPDF ERROR: Some data has already been output, can't send PDF file
Learn why this error appears when you try to generate a PDF from HTML using TCPDF and how to get rid out of it.
How to prevent the onSelect event from triggering twice in the DevBridge jQuery Autocomplete
Learn how to prevent the onSelect event from being triggered twice with the jQuery Autocomplete by DevBridge
Learn how to solve the NPM error 'cp' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
Learn how to solve this error in NPM when you work with third party project.
How to solve the Error 1115 (42000): Unknown character set: 'utf8mb4' when importing a sql file in PHPMyAdmin
Learn why the unknown character set error on PHPMyAdmin appears and how to solve it.
How to change the Bootstrap Datetimepicker (by eonasdan) Display Orientation
Learn how to change the orientation of the widget shown by Bootstrap Datetimepicker.
How to print a variable if exists (not empty) with Twig using a shorthand syntax
Learn how to conditionally print a variable or some placeholder value if it's empty.
How to solve Xampp MySQL Error # 2002 - No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
Learn how to solve the error 2002 of MySQL that prevents you from accessing PHPMyAdmin.
Debugging The Posts You Share on Facebook using the Open Graph Protocol
Learn how to debug a page of your website to see if its open graph protocol is being properly parsed by the Facebook Crawler.