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Webpack Invalid Host header: cannot access webpack dev server from the LAN
Learn how to solve the Invalid Host Header issue when accessing a dev server of webpack in the local area network.
How to use the Bootstrap front-end framework (3 and 4) without jQuery
Learn how to use Boostrap and all its features without jQuery.
XAMPP Virtual Hosts works in Chrome and Firefox but doesn't work on Microsoft Edge Browser
Learn how to enable the access for your local virtual hosts of xampp in your Microsoft Edge browser.
How to solve Xampp Error: Port 80 in use by another application (Skype) when starting Apache
Learn how to start correctly apache when you get the Port 80 in use exception.
How to add a new page on your PDF with wkhtmltopdf
Learn how to add a new page to your PDF with wkhtmltopdf.
How to remove console.log (or custom debug functions) from production builds with Webpack
Learn how to remove custom debug methods from your production Javascript using webpack.
Keyboard shortcuts for Github that you probably didn't know existed
Learn some useful keyboard shortcuts for Github that you probably didn't know and will help you to work faster.
How to import a mysql database using cmd prompt in XAMPP for Windows
Learn how to import a .sql file using the command prompt in XAMPP for Windows
How to add code snippets using TinyMCE and Prism.js
Learn how to add code examples with the Most Advanced WYSIWYG HTML Editor, TinyMCE.