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All you need to know about conditional html comments
Learn more about if blocks in html.
How to save a base64 image from javascript with php
Learn how to save a base64 image from javascript with php
How to access the webcamera with Javascript, html5 with getUserMedia
Learn how to access the webcamera with javascript, a no-flash solution
How to retrieve the extension, filename from a filepath with javascript and php
Learn how to retrieve the filename or extensions from a filepath with javascript or php.
How to save information on a DOM element, introduction to data attributes HTML5
Learn how to use the data attributes in html5
The wrong image is selected when sharing a link on twitter or faceboook - solution
When you share a link of your website in facebook or twitter, does the selected preview image is wrong ? Learn how to solve this issue easily.
Draw points (circles) on a canvas with javascript html5
Learn how to draw points in a canvas when the user clicks on it.
Return HTML from a server response (request), good or bad practice ?
Learn when to send the correct format of a response to the view (MVC).
Deobfuscate javascript code and retrieve the source code from a script
If you have obfuscated javascript code, you can try retrieving the source code although it will be not so easy to read.
Image created from canvas have black background (HTML5)
Learn why your exported canvas image have black background and how to solve it !