Learn how to enable the access for your local virtual hosts of xampp in your Microsoft Edge browser.

Because of its potential to protect users from cyber risks and provide a safe and secure surfing experience, virtual browsers are becoming increasingly popular. This article analyzes the greatest virtual browsers of 2023, which claim to provide superior privacy and security features. Xampp is the preferred option for backend developers (or frontend) to setup easily and quick a local server that will help you to work with your projects. This is not because it only has an easy to remember name, but because of its functionalities. Xampp allows you to configure a virtual host in your operative system with Apache and it can be, if correctly configured, accesed through the browser.

There's not many things that can be made wrong, however if you have Windows as your OS and you're using the Microsoft Edge browser (I hope only for testing !) you probably already noticed that the same virtual hosts that can be accessed through Chrome, Mozilla or Opera at some domain e.g http://ourcodeworld/ can't be reached by Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge can't reach local domain

It seems to threat this local domain as inexistent, although it works already on Chrome and other browser. The first you need to know is, that isn't your fault or xampps but of Microsoft Edge.


The first thing you need to do is to open the Internet Options. Simply type the inetcpl.cpl command on a new Command Prompt and the Internet Options Window should appear:

Internet Options Window

Alternatively if you don't have an idea of what is and works a command prompt (most unlikely), you need to search for the Control Panel of Window instead:

Once in the panel, expand the icons and search for the Internet Options button and click on it:

This should open the Internet Options Window in the same way the command does. 

Then on the Internet Properties window, navigate to the Security tab. In this tab select the Local intranet settings and click on the Sites button. A new window will appear namely Local intranet, on this window you need to uncheck all the options that were checked and let only the "Include all network paths (UNCs)" checked as shown in the following illustration:

Internet Options

And that's it, now you should be able to access your virtual host again on Microsoft Edge (a browser or apache restart shouldn't be necessary as it will run immediately):

Our Code World Microsoft Edge Virtual Host

Happy coding !

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