Discover Winamp2-js, an awesome remake of the old school Winamp 2.9 made in Web technologies.

Winamp2-js: a reimplementation of Winamp 2.9 in HTML5 and Javascript

Only the old school will remember the awesome times using the Winamp Player to listen our favorite music files or even Radio senders ! Although the development of Winamp was stopped a couple of years ago (and apparently will return someday) it still being the predilect music player for a lot of people nowadays. If you are in the web development, you will probably take a look to the interesting Winamp2-js open source project that implements a lot of features of the original player from scratch and directly in your web browser:

WinampJS Browser Example

The project, originally started by Jordan Eldredge has now over 10 contributors on the official repository on Github and more than 4000 stars. Some of the features that the player can offer till the date are:

  • Decodes the actual skin file in your browser so you can load your favorite Winamp 2 skins!
  • Load local audio or skin files via drag-and-drop, eject button, or "options" button (upper left-hand corner)
  • Both visualization modes: oscilloscope and spectrum
  • Hotkeys
  • "Shade" mini-mode
  • "Doubled" mode, where the main window is twice as large: Ctrl-D

There other features like the draggable interface, you can drag the player and its playlist container around the screen. Almost all the buttons work in the same way that the original player does, except the add folder feature which can't work cause of security reasons on every browser. The application is built on top of ReactJS, you can test the application online here or explore the source code at the Github repository.

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