Discover WWW SQL Designer, an online SQL diagramming tool.

Many times, due to complicated patterns on the design of databases, our mind isn't enough to remember complex designs, that's why normally a lot of database designers use database design tools that make this pretty easy to do. However, you won't be able to work everytime with tools that you always use like SQLYog or others to achieve this because you are not at home or you're working on a public computer. An online solution would be pretty nice right ? That's why the WWW SQL Designer project has been created with promising results.

WWW SQL Designer allows users to create database designs, which can be saved/loaded and exported to SQL scripts. Various databases and languages are supported, as well the ability to import existing database designs. You only need JavaScript enabled. The Designer works perfectly in Chrome, Mozilla (Firefox, Seamonkey), Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Safari and Opera.

Many database features are supported, such as keys, foreign key constraints, comments and indexes. You can either save your design (for further loading & modifications), print it or export as SQL script. It is possible to retrieve (import) schema from existing database. WWW SQL Designer was created by Ondrej Zara and is built atop the oz.js JavaScript module. Oz.js is a microkernel that provides sorely-missing module mechanism at runtime (that means it mainly works at language-level, not file-level. Use Ozma.js to process files statically at build time based on the same mechanism) for large/complex javascript program, compatible with the de facto standards (AMD, NodeJS/CommonJS and traditional module pattern).

This project is distributed under the New BSD license and you can test it online here !

Contribute to the project

The official source code is hosted in Github, so don't forget to take a look and star the repository. As the repository is public, you will be able to even create pull requests.

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