See these 5 tips that will help you to design a call to action button that converts.

The success of any Call to Action depends on the details of its design. Even the smallest change in design can turn an average looking CTA into something amazing.  The design is not only important for the large chunk of pictures but also your smallest elements got affected by it . However, most of us think that way and focus all the attention on large photo headers, banners, and a nice typography. But there is more to it!

The success of a website is determined by the actions that the visitors are performing. Since websites help a company in getting access to a wider range of customers, the web masters will like them to take some sort of actions. These actions can be anything from signing up for a newsletter, buying a product to taking a survey and such.

It has been noted that visitors interact with the website better when the Call To Action Buttons are designed effectively. The CTA, in this case, can be a button which says “buy” or “signup”. By creating attractive CTA buttons, it is possible for a website to convert its curious visitors into subscribers, donner and customers. Here Are Some Measure To Keep In Mind While Designing Effective CTA Buttons:

Size Matters

This is the most important step. If you want your site visitors to take some sort of action on the site, you must design your CTA buttons to be big and visible, something that people can see at first glance. It's important to strike a balance. The CTA buttons must be large while keeping in proportion to the other elements on the page. It must never disturb the design of the main layout. For example, if you want to create a custom newsletter, the colors and size of it must be in sync with your overall  layout. It's possible to adjust the design of the CTA buttons along with other elements on the page depending on the size, color, and visibility.

Keep It Colorful

According to Ott Niggulis at ConversionXL, color helps in conversion of customers and aids in determining the success of the CTA buttons. In that light, color is a very important choice. Colors play at a psychological level for many people. In fact, there are some colors which have a stronghold in certain cultures. It is ideal to use such color tricks to make the CTA buttons visible and attractive. However, one must always select a color which matches the existing website colors. Colors can also be made to balance the size so that the elements on the page becomes even more visible.

Make The CTAs Appear Clickable

The entire point of making a CTA button on the website collapses if the visitors are unable to click on the button. In a website, the design of the CTA button is more than just a design. In fact, it has functional features. The primary idea of a CTA button is to make the website lifelike by providing certain “tangible” elements. In that light, the buttons must look click-worthy. Thus the buttons must be kept big and interestingly shaped.


Contrast plays a very important role in designing. And when it comes to CTA buttons it becomes even more essential. As CTA buttons are important from SEO point as well, one has to consider it in two ways.

Button Colour vs Background Colour: If the color of the CTA button is similar to the background color, chances are it might get overlooked. The idea is to make the button stand out without creating a clash with the other elements and color on the page.

Text Colour vs Button Colour: The last thing you want is your visitors finding it hard to read the text on the button. Thus in addition to selecting, a legible font, choosing an appropriate color of the font is also important. According to most of the SEO and digital marketing experts of the industry, One must avoid colors which are there on the button itself or colors which are hard to pair.  For example, if your CTA button is white and you choose a lemon yellow color for the text, it might be difficult for the visitors to understand what is written.


After the designing section is taken care of, its important to place the CTA button at an appropriate position. However, the positioning of the CTA button will depend on the page layout. Generally, CTA buttons are placed “above the fold”. This is an old newspaper term which means that important things must be on the front page, or above the fold of the newspaper so that it attracts maximum attention.

The same idea can be followed for the placement of the CTA buttons. In that light, the buttons must be placed on the top of the page where visitors can see it right away without having to scroll up or down.

Design your CTA to win customers and add to your business! 

Prince Kapoor is a seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger at With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide.