How to check if the reCAPTCHA box has expired
Learn how to check when the reCAPTCHA box (after checked) has expired.
How to trigger the direct download of a PDF with JavaScript
Learn how to download directly a PDF file from a URL using FileSaver.js
How to add a language that is not totally supported by Artyom.js
Learn how to add support for a language that isn't listed on the official artyom languages.
How to generate Audio Waves (Audio Spectrum) from an Audio File in JavaScript using Wavesurfer.js
Learn how to generate a dynamic and interactive audio spectrum from an audio file using the awesome Wavesurfer.js library.
How to create a 360 Video Player with JavaScript using Clappr
Learn how to play 360 videos in your browser using a plugin for the awesome Clappr Player.
How to add image filters (photo effects) to images in the browser with JavaScript using Lena.js
Learn how to add image filters like sepia, invert, gray scale etc. using the awesome JavaScript library lena.js
How to prevent spoilers from being revealed using JavaScript in the Browser
Learn how to protect your readers from reading a spoiler on your webpage.
How to record and export Audio (WAV and MP3) using recorder.js in HTML5
Learn how to record and export Audio in the browser using the recorder.js library.
How to retrieve images from the clipboard with JavaScript in the Browser
Learn how to retrieve the clipboard content as an image with JavaScript in the browser.
How to attach a callback when a select change (onSelectChange) for dependent selects using jsGrid (Lightweight Grid jQuery Plugin)
Learn how to attach an onChange callback to the selects in your dynamic forms created by jsGrid.

JavaScript is a programming language used to make web pages interactive. It runs on your visitor's computer and doesn't require constant downloads from your website.