How to determine if the year of a date is leap in MomentJS
Learn how to determine if a year is leap with the JavaScript date library MomentJS.
How to retrieve the videocard name/model of the computer from the browser with JavaScript
Learn how to get the videocard model with JavaScript directly from the browser without any library nor browser extensions.
How to convert images to text with pure JavaScript using Tesseract.js
Learn how to use Tesseract.js to extract text from images on any platform that supports JavaScript.
How to highlight an area (City, State or Country) in Google Maps with JavaScript
Learn how to highlight a City, State or Country with Polygons or KML Layers in Google Maps in the right way.
How to change and preview map type in Google Maps Dinamically with JavaScript
Learn how to toggle from map type of Google Maps with JavaScript.
How to format a given array (matrix) in spiral form (snail or clockwise spiral sorting) in JavaScript
Learn how to sort a given array in spiral form with JavaScript.
How to check if a string is palindrome with JavaScript
Learn how to verify wheter a string is palindrome or not with JavaScript.
How to detect if you are in Incognito mode with JavaScript in Google Chrome
How to detect with JavaScript wheter the user is in incognito mode or not.
How to customize Google Maps Colors and Styles in JavaScript
Learn how to customize the style of your embedded Google Maps instance in your website.
How to remove the "powered by TinyMCE" label in your JavaScript TinyMCE Rich Text Editor
Learn how to remove the branding message of TinyMCE in your initialized instances of the rich text editor.

JavaScript is a programming language used to make web pages interactive. It runs on your visitor's computer and doesn't require constant downloads from your website.