Other awesome development tricks that you may need to know

How to download a remote directory with LFTP (sftp) using a LFTP Script
Learn how to download (mirror) a remote directory with SFTP using the LFTP library.
How to solve Plesk installation/upgrade error in Ubuntu 16.04: There is no /etc/localtime file in system
Learn how to solve a common error during the installation or upgrade of Plesk in Ubuntu 16.04 on systems without a default localtime.
How to allow SSH and SFTP access as root on your AWS Ubuntu 16.04 Instance
Learn how to enable root access directly from SSH and SFTP on your AWS Ubuntu 16.04 instance.
Creating a non-incremental (logical backup) automated backup shell script (sh) of databases of MySQL Server in Plesk
Checkout a very simple shell script to create logical backups (no incremental) with mysqldump in a Plesk based server.
How to digitize and vectorize signatures from a picture with Potrace CLI
Learn how to digitize and vectorize a signature from a photo using the CLI tool Potrace.
How to solve MySQL exception SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field 'field_name' doesn't have a default value
Learn why this exception is thrown in MySQL and how to bypass it.
How to use font awesome like medical icons in CSS
Discover a collection of open source icons (web format and png) with medical thematics.
How to install the bcmath extension in CentOS
Learn how to install the bcmath extension in CentOS.
How to change commit username for subversion in NetBeans 8.2
Learn how to change subversion credentials associated to a subversion repository in NetBeans.
How to force access globally via HTTPS (HTTP over SSL) in Symfony 1.4
Learn how to force the secure protocol of an URL in Symfony 1.4.