Other awesome development tricks that you may need to know

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Learn how to force the secure protocol of an URL in Symfony 1.4.
How to clear/flush DNS on Google Chrome for Android
Learn how to clear the internal DNS Cache of Google Chrome in Android.
How to allow ping an AWS EC2 instance (cannot ping EC2 instance)
Learn how to allow the ping to your EC2 instance.
How to delete saved/cached passwords in SVN Tortoise
Learn how to delete all the stored credentials in TortoiseSVN.
How to print safely a string variable from Twig in JavaScript
Learn how to print safely a string variable sent from Twig to JavaScript.
How to add, remove, edit or change users password in a SVN (Subversion) repository
Learn how to manage the accounts of a subversion repository easily.
How to solve Virtualbox exception: VT-x is disabled in the BIOS for both all CPU modes (VERR_VMX_MSR_ALL_VMX_DISABLED)
Learn how to deal with the widely known exception that prevents your virtual machine from booting.
How to make the Visual Studio Code Window Transparent in Windows
Learn how to change the opacity of the Visual Studio Code window with a plugin in Windows.
How to create getters and setters for a PHP Class in NetBeans automatically
Learn how to create dinamically the getters and setters of a PHP class in netbeans.