Discover why coworking spaces are attracting developers everywhere.

Why Coworking Spaces are Attracting Developers

If there is one industry that is changing the various markets in a significant way, it is the coworking movement. Since its introduction, it has been so popular that people are now searching for coworking locations near them, demanding investors to open up more spaces around the country. In fact, the coworking movement is set to increase by at least 42% in two years. People from across industries now prefer to work in a shared workspace set-up where they can work alone and still collaborate with colleagues. But, what makes coworking spaces very appealing to tech specialists, particularly developers? In this post, we look at the reasons why.

The Best of Both Worlds

Coworking spaces allow developers to combine the benefits of working from home with the perks of an office. It serves as a middle ground where developers can work with higher efficiency. Like working from home, they have more autonomy in their processes. It is easier for them to take breaks without anyone counting the time they are away from the computer. At the same time, they can take advantage of all the amenities a typical office has — a dedicated working area, the latest office devices, a reliable Internet connection, and others.

Staying Focused

Many developers who work at coworking spaces have actually tried working from home first. However, what they thought would do well for their creativity actually proved to be more difficult. Many people who work from home are less productive than when they work in an office set-up. They are easily distracted, and they often fail to complete their tasks which can cause them to lose clients.

Sense of Belonging

Most developers work alone, but this does not mean that they do not crave company once in a while. When they work in a coworking space, they become a part of a community. They have a sense of belonging and they no longer feel so isolated. Coworking spaces indeed have people from different industries, and this allows developers to get to know people from other fields.

Improved Networking

The community offered by coworking spaces also provides developers an additional source of networking. Mingling around the area can help them meet people who might eventually become their clients. Some workspaces also host networking activities that developers can take advantage of, especially those who are working as freelancers.

Sometimes, they can meet a fellow programmer over a coffee, and before they know it, they are already working on something that can prove to be revolutionary. Or they can meet a website owner who needs help developing their website. If they are happy with the work, they can recommend you to someone else. In short, coworking spaces are great for increasing their network compared to working from home. In these places, friends are no longer just social media profiles.

Gaining New Perspectives

When developers are always working from home, they don’t get to meet other people. When they are working from an office, their constant interaction would be people from the same industry. If they are working in a shared workspace, they get the opportunity to meet other people from different backgrounds, and this can help them gain a new perspective in life.

It would be easier for them to become aware of the latest trends, emerging technologies, and new business. All these can help them evolve not only as a developer but also as a person.

Coworking spaces are a major boon for the tech industry. This revolutionary offering allows tech workers to have a place where they can improve their craft, meet people, and build meaningful relationships beyond what they are used to in a typical office environment.