Discover interesting open source projects that solve all types of interesting problems.

Kint: a modern and powerful PHP debugging helper
Discover Kint, a pretty and reliable replacement for var_dump(), print_r() and debug_backtrace().
Prepack: a partial evaluator for JavaScript that generates efficient JavaScript
Discover Prepack, a tool that rewrites a JavaScript bundle, resulting in JavaScript code that executes more efficiently.
Matreshka.js: a simple JavaScript framework to create single page applications
Discover Matreshka.js, the single page application framework that has a reactive API which allows to solve hard and confusing problems easily.
Grommet: A design system made for ReactJS
Discover Grommet, a design system that allows you to focus on the essential experience of your application.
Betwixt: a Web Debugging Proxy based on Chrome DevTools Network panel
Discover Betwixt, a tool that help you analyze web traffic outside the browser using familiar Chrome DevTools interface.
Puppeteer: a Node.js library to control headless Chrome
Discover Puppeteer, the Open Source Headless Chrome Node API.
Preact: a fast 3KB ReactJS alternative with the same ES6 API
Discover Preact, the fast alternative to React with all the power of Virtual DOM components.
Chocolatey CLI: a yum or apt-get, but for Windows
Discover Chocolatey, the sane way to manage software on Windows.
Hyper: An open source terminal built on web technologies
Discover Hyper, a beautiful and extensible multiplatform command-line emulator, built on open web Standards.
HospitalRun: a free and easy-to-use software for developing world healthcare
Discover HospitalRun, a project that offers modern software for charitable hospitals in the developing world.