Electron Framework

Electron is an awesome framework to create hybrid app por desktop (Mac , Windows and Linux)

How to execute an exe file (System application) using Electron Framework
Learn how to execute a third party application (or a system application) using Electron framework.
How to use the camera with Electron Framework (create a snapshot) and save the image on the system
Learn how to use the camera to create snapshots and save them on the computer with Electron and Webcamjs.
How to create a sftp client with node.js (SSH2) in Electron Framework
Learn how to execute basic sftp tasks using SSH2 library with electron framework.
How to get operative system and hardware information with Electron framework
Learn how to get information about the operative system with electron framework for hybrid apps
How to choose , read, save, delete or create a file with Electron Framework
Learn how to handle the lifecycle of a file with Electron.
How to create an hybrid app for desktop (html, css and javascript) with electron framework in windows
Learn how to create an hybrid app that will work in Linux, Windows and MacOS with web development knowledge and NodeJS in windows.